The Dangers of Mobile Addiction Among Kids

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In the developing world we are living in، every age category is becoming a victim for handset addiction, but children are the most affected age between all. We are talking about people in age of 3 to 12 years and that is really a dangerous matter because it will make lots of drawbacks in the future. In this research I will go through the effects of this serious topic and how to avoid and control this matter.

Several researches have talked about this controversial issue. One researcher says that the use of technological devices for long periods by children has a negative influence on their academic production. Although there is no strong proof that using technological devices is useful, many schools have begun to apply modern technology. Another influence is that the intensive usage of these technological devices and social media may cause many mental, psychological and physical illnesses as well as the inability to interact with others. When they go to sleep, they keep thinking of the internet, video games and some programs on TV during the night which prevents them having a deep sleep. Thus, this lack of sleep leads them to have many diseases and serious conditions. Another researcher did say that media is leading children to have low-rite of thinking and focusing issues. In addition, their homework is poorly done. Children do not have the ability to differentiate between a truthful advertising and a misleading one. Therefore, many children tend to believe the information they get through these technological devices more.

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All in all, we have found five opinions about the dangers of mobile addiction amounts kids in sources mentioned bellow and all of them have their own opinion about this subject. The difference is based on how mobile addiction impacts the children and what the factors which may harm them are. One of the ideas is that mobile addiction affects negatively to child knowledge. For example, this high relationship between child and screen reduce time of study and reading. The second writer supports that spending hours using media could cause many diseases such as obesity, depletion and decrease mental work. Furthermore, they lost their social life. Other researchers agree on the main challenge that child face when they go to bed. Last writer talks about media made children tend to believe all information appear to them.


Aim of this report to find out more data about the main consciousness of dangers of mobile addiction amount kids. We have discovered that mobile addiction may lead to number of issues for children such as: decreasing in academic levels, feeling upset and appear some diseases. We believe that this research is not enough to cover all effects of this topic so read and learn more is will be benefit all of us.

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