The Dead Poets Society: the Traditional Educational System in the USA

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Through this movie, Peter Weir has presented the traditional educational system of America. The movie involves the imposition of things on students which they do not want to do. Peter Weir has dramatized a story that clearly exhibits the so-called best educational institution. Peter weir is attempting to expose the reality that the imposition of things upon students can have negative results for society. the movie also shows that the persons who want to bring a change in the society have to face severe hatred by others. Peter Weir casts Robin William as John Keating – the main character of the story. The movie begins with the ceremony of a new badge in the school. The principal, Nolan is addressing the parents and students and telling them the achievements of the school. The principal nominates Keating – English teacher because he graduated from the same school where he is teaching

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The scenario of the movie is eye capturing. The chirping of the birds, the snowfall, and the greenery are spell casting scenes. Peter Weir wants to attract the attention of the audience by showing the beauty of nature. Like the softness and coldness of the snow, Keating’s behavior and attitude are humble and polite with others. Neil is a student who has to follow his father, Mr. Perry. Perry wants his son to do what he has asked him to do. Keating is teaching poetry. The way he is teaching is very different from others. He wants his students to do what they want to do. He is teaching poetry in a way that provides a platform to the students—the platform where students can compose their ideas, where they can see themselves, and where everyone gets a chance to express himself.

The activities that students do in the class in Keating’s presence seem awkward to others. The colleagues of Keating prohibit him to teach in such a way. But Keating wants to bring revolution through students. The students make a group and start to absorb themselves into the poetry. They get a paper about Keating. From that paper, they come to know about “Dead Poets Society”. They ask Keating about it and then they start research on it. Knox, Keating’s student has a girlfriend, Chris. He is a bit interested in girls. He publishes an article in the school paper in name of Dead Poets. The article is about the admittance of girls to the school. The principal calls the meeting and announces this incident. Knox makes a joke during that announcement. The principal beats him.

Neil has to perform in a play. His father allows him to do so provided that Neil will leave school after play. Neil commits suicide because he does not want to quit school. The principal blames Keating for this and discharges him from school. Neil’s death is the most heart-rending scene. Dalton, Charlie, Anderson, and other friends of Neil have to leave the Dead Poets topic and become the part of traditional education. Peter has exposed the harshness of society by the characters of the principal and Neil’s parents. Peter’s movie is quite inspiring in the sense that Keating gives universal rules of self-identification and bringing a change. The phrase “Dare to strike and find new grounds” is motivational.

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