The Death of John Brown

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John Brown the abolitionist best known for his raid on harpers ferry was born in Torrington Connecticut in May 9, 1800 from his mother Ruth Millis and his father Owen Brown and raised in Ohio. He was from the strict Calvinist family. He had big family; he was a father of 20 children. Owen was a leather maker form animal skin. Brown believed that slavery was a mistaken activity to black people. He then wants out to end slavery. In Michigan when he was 12 years old, he witnessed a black African American boy beaten by the white people, this action troubled his emotions for a long time and decided to make the abolition of slavery. John had a financial problem. He had failed in many businesses starting from his father's business. He was moving from place to place until he moves into a black community in New York by the 1840's.

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John leads to Herbers Ferry with a group to start an armed slave rebel. He was a great believer of "an eye for an eye" so he wanted to use weapons to end slavery.

John become more eager to help with justice to those black people who were sold into slavery. In 1850's he took his five sons to Kansas state to defeat the conflict which was known as the bleeding Kansas, where it was a civil war between southerners and northerners come to the Kansas City over to whether to allow slavery or not in the United States. The people were divided in to two for or against slavery. John was one of the people against slavery of black people. On May 24, He led his group which he calls The Army of the North to Pottawatomie Creek armed with guns, sword, and other attacking weapons to attack the proslavery group. He and his group killed five men who were proslavery and who kept slaves in their houses. He then said that the killing was to arouse and counterattack other proslavery in the United States. One of his son's was killed during the rebellion.

The wounded Brown was investigated for treachery and murder by the state of Virginia, and he was found guilty on November 2. John Brwon at the age of 59 year old he went to the scaf-fold on December 2, 1859. He was sentenced to death by hanging. Before his execution, he gave his guard a piece of paper that said "I, John Brown, am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but with blood."

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