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The Death Penalty: Is It Fair?

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The death penalty is a topic that has been discussed for decades but has been in rule for hundreds of years. Medieval times if someone was to steal they’d be sentenced to death by killing. Now in modern times when technology, science and overall life has advanced and improved so that things of the past are almost abolished. You’d think that this would be the same for punishments. I challenge you to think about this for one second; if we were to punish all criminals on the crime they committed we’d be stealing from thieves, raping rapists. That doesn’t sound very fair does it?

Both sides of this argument of the death penalty must be viewed and given equal time to be heard out for this to be fair argument. There are many that argue that if a criminal was to be killed for their crime the victim and the victim’s family would have a feeling of vengeance or justice being served. But throwing the word justice around regarding “getting back” at someone for murdering is not truly just. When discussing this topic of matter with highly educated people the two main topics being discussed were: if someone can inflict pain why can’t they take it? And the justice system isn’t perfect.

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If someone has done wrong onto another person and has ended up killing them, the act shouldn’t be achieved upon them. There is the quote from Ghandi “eye for an eye makes the world blind”, meaning that if we keep on acting to even out the playing field we won’t get any further to a just world, we will end up becoming even worse. I would give an example about a Terrorist attack, but they seem to be the first thing we list when talking about situations regarding mass murder, so instead I will expand on the ‘king-hit’ and kings cross scenarios. A young boy was killed in a single hit by a drunk man with no real reasoning behind his actions and the young boy ended up passing away, his family didn’t go up to him and bash the living daylights out of him instead they went and came up with an idea to prevent that from happening to anyone else. Now rates of drunk attacks are extremely low.

The justice systems in place across the globe will never be perfect, you hear the stories of men who have been places on death row, end up being executed and years later are found innocent for a crime. But there are people being given the get out of jail card due to a mental illness when they may not really be mentally ill, it’s just the lie they speak because they can’t think of any real reasons to be proven innocent.

To conclude, death row is atrocious, inhumane and below who we are as humans. We should be thinking of ways to improve people’s actions and the justice system so that crimes go punishable but not to the extent of death so quickly. But you may never really know your stance on this topic until you experience it first-hand.


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