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The Debate Around Potential Ban of Violent Video Games

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According to Ferguson et al. (2015), video games are outlined as games complete through associate electronic system like computer, console or digital phone as a kind of immersive media have long been inspected for his or her ability effect on potential violent or aggressive action in teenagers and kids. Such inquiry relies on the priority that kids, through enjoying violent video games that involve the player inflicting physical hurt to a different character as a feature of gameplay, learn violent or aggressive behavior has reached a level of public well-being concern. However, Tumbokon (2019) stated that several scientists and psychologists notice that video games will even have many advantages like creating children sensible by teaching kids high-level thinking skills that they would like to have in the future. Although violent video game will cause addiction, it should not be banned because violent video games can improve children’s decision-making speed and increase the brain’s ability to focus.

First and foremost, violent video games should not be banned as it can improve children’s decision-making speed. Tumbokon (2019) stated that ones who always compete in violent video and computer games responded 25% quicker than others who focused on precision, based on a research from the researchers at University of Rochester. A psychological scientist, Daphne Bavelier led the researchers and found out that games creating demanding activities like those discovered in war or action games ought to be a coaching device for practical conditions and suggests that taking part in action video games trains the intelligent to make rapid choice (Tumbokon 2019). Choi (2010) stated that the researchers found that 11 gamer volunteers were capable to decide rapidly compared to the 12 non-gamers despite losing precision. They also come through an aural decision-making analysis by requesting the volunteers to think out if the noise was heard in their right or left ear when they were given with sound via headphones. Mann (2010) concur that one who played action video games for 50 hours were able to make choices substantially faster and more precise than gamers who performed strategic focus or role-playing video games for the equal quantity of time.

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Secondly, violent video games should not be banned as it can increase the brain’s ability to focus. Shumaker (2018) stated that the investigation group discovered alterations in brain activity and enhanced implementation on examination of optical discerning activity in subjects who had used one hour playing a violent video game, League of Legends according to the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. According to Stanmore and Firth (2017), orders that use tangible activity for gaming like Wii and Xbox Kinect can enhance brain’s performing in people with nervous damage, maintaining our brains’ healthy and as functioning as the stage of development. To support the argument above, Railton (2018) stated that 29 male students completed a research by the scientists from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in Chengdu to calculate their “visual selective attention”. The team with gaming experience of 2 years was ranked higher in League of Legends game players while, the other group that had lesser than 6 months of experience were ranked lower. Scientists always believed that one who utilizes power of brain is very good at categorizing out disturbances, at the same time concentrating their consciousness when they focus on appropriate data in such manner resulting in a very well-organized function of their brains (Railton 2018).

Nevertheless, some critics believe that playing violent video games will cause addiction. Heavy game use is identified though the American Medical Association as playing beyond two hours in a day yet approximates of the period gamers playing video games alter from 6 to 12 hours a week. Video game overuse is discovered most frequently in gamers of the continuing multiplayer gaming world, or Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game – MMORPG games for short, who achieve 9.1% of players, and may intersect with other types of internet or computer addiction (Hartney 2018). However true, this argument is irrelevant as addiction can be curb or avoided with parental mediation. Tumbokon (2017) stated that parent can use a timer that can automatically kill the power children’s computer in a given period to control children’s gaming time and allow kids to play with specific persons on certain days only. To automate blocking of games in the computer, a computer software called “Cold Turkey Blocker” can be downloaded. Shin and Huh (2011) stated that parents utilize several parenting plans to supervise children’s behaviour and accomplish suitable association by deliberating with children the necessary method of media consumption, unwanted features of the media content while sharing media experience with children beyond persistent rule.

To conclude, even though playing aggressive video games are addictive, violent video games should be allowed as it can help children make decision faster in the nick of time. In addition, one who plays violent video games will be able to increase mind’s ability to concentrate. Parents should supervise their children when their children are playing video games. Parents should forbid their children to play violent video games too often. To restrict children with younger age playing violent video games, an age limit should be suggested for certain games. For the children’s sake, parents should read and scan for games which are suitable for their children age limit. Students can gain benefits if the school highly recommend the students to play violent video games by organizing an E-sport Club. So, students can spend their leisure time by joining the club in school after class to increase the brain’s ability to focus in class and improve their decision-making speed during examination.


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