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The Declaration of Independence – a Way to Freedom

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A fresh new start is something that many people seek for when coming into college. People seek independence, to live their college experience to the fullest, and to make mistakes before encountering “real” life. Although this is what many students are seeking for, reality hits like a ton of bricks. Turns out that you can’t live as “freely” as you expect, but there are always ways to still live your best life. That is exactly what colonists thought when they decided to break away from Britain and go to the Americas.

Many people had high hopes in creating a place that did not resemble the norms of Britain, but many others still believed in the customs/rules of the British empire. Although that was the case, people who want a change in the form of government, should have the power to overthrow the government and create a place that is ran by the people and for the people. Fortunately, there were those who believed that a government should not be ran by a by a tyrant just like the British Empire. Those who thought that sought for a radical change in their new form of government. Before any of this could happen, Thomas Jefferson, along with some other representatives of the 13 colonies, came up with a letter that would eventually create a new foundation for the United States of America. This action was taken into course because of the harsh ways that the king of Britain would treat his people. So many limitations, restrictions, and rights that were violated. How is it that one can live, with constantly living in “chains”? A well-founded government should always put its people first. Keeping and taking into consideration everyone who forms a part of this government in order for everything to be ran smoothly. Having a democracy is what makes America a place where dreams can become reality. With that being said, even though the Declaration of Independence is directed to the king of Britain and his people, it serves as a base for future references such as today.

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The Declaration of independence succeeds in informing many things that the king has refused to pass, the obstruction he has caused, the negligence he has given, and much more. Therefore, Jefferson had the right to create this letter in order for those to see with clear eyes that they are being oppressed. Yet, if there were those who were still trying to live under the rules of the British, then why were they in the Americas? Yes, Great Britain was their “home”, but they initially immigrated for a fresh start/new beginning. So why were the colonists still trying to live a life that resembled living under the British empire? Was it because it became a custom? Is it because they believe that the way of life is to be confined into limitations? Or because they were somehow still being maintained by the British empire? Even though this was true, the king has still maintained to do more wrong than right for his empire.

Once people have had enough of constant setbacks and lack of freedom, people should bare the right to “throw off the government”. The colonists have tried and tried to get their voices to be heard, but once again the king did not hear them out and ignored them. Jefferson states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness”. This meaning that anyone has the right to live a life that they want and not a life that is confined. Men should all strive for greatness and not be forced to stick to their own “class”. People have the right to want to become something more than just a working class, but a class that is innovated beyond reasoning. Jefferson is not only thinking about the rights for the upper class, but for those under it as well. It is unquestionable that he wants what is best for the colonists and America. With this letter, it created one of the most important foundation documents for the nation as a whole; who would’ve thought that from 13 colonies, it would eventually become 50 states. Moving to the Americas was a life changing decision with all the sacrifices that were made by those who sought for independence. A nation should not stand still but work towards a better way of life. Therefore, writing the Declaration on Independence was a big step for those who wanted their rights to be protected and to overthrow the British government from taking over America as well. As the letter states, “these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States; that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown” (Jefferson 653). Being free is what the people wanted. No strings attached, no invasion of privacy, just a life without restraints.

All in all, this is why America did not want no allegiance with Great Britain. Having a leader who is more so a tyrant than anything else, is unfit to be a leader of to those who want to be free. Jefferson succeeds in informing that not only should a country seek for their own success, but to take everyone you will affect into consideration. From a personal stance, Jefferson was also polite and took a higher formal route when confronting this situation. The fact that he uses the correct diction to prove that not only has he violated many people’s lives but how he has interfered with the advancement of a growing nation those in which are Great Britain and America.


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