The Dedication of Pope Leo Xiii to His Craft and Beliefs

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‘You are electing a dead man’, which is one of Pope Leo XII’s quotes that showed his dedication to Rome. He wasn’t a legendary pope but he did the best he could in his short life plagued by illness. This will be explaining about his early years, priesthood, and papacy.

Although there is not much of his early days there are a few things about him. Like his birthday is August 22, 1760. His birthplace is one of the Papal States in Spoleto, Italy. John is in a noble family and he is the 6th out of the ten siblings. Pope Leo XII’s father is Hilary della Genga and mother is Maria Luisa Periberti. When John was 13 he was first transferred to Collegio Campana of Osimo, then to the Collegio Piceno in Rome, and after that he was transferred to the Accademia dei Nobili Ecclesiastici. Pope Leo XII was ordained priest a few months later.

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When he first became a priest, he was on dispensation due to his age. He became a priest on June 14, 1783. With his intelligent manners and handsomeness, he stood out to Pius VII and became him his private secretary. After this he was first in line to bring in the Sixtine Chapel, a speech on Emperor Joseph II. He achieved the admiration of the hearers without offending the susceptibilities of Austria. Pope LeoXII began to be Vatican church. 12 months later he became Archbishop of Trye. Other missions he got from Pius VII were Concordats in 1805-1806 but they were unsuccessful. In 1808 he received a cooly, a way that lacks friendliness, from Napoleon. He built tombs for his mother and him thinking it was the end for them. In 1814, Napoleon fell Pius returned and he was sent to Paris. When he came back to Rome, Pius VII named him cardinal. Sadly his ill health made him resign the role. When he recovered he became Vicar of Rome. 3 years later Pius VII died. They elected him immediately to be pope even with is horrible illnesses.

They strove to pick him because he prevented the infiltration of liberal ideas and he was noted for enduring pain well. He became pope September 28, 1823. He chose the name Leo XII but there is no evidence to why he picked the name. Annibale Francesco Clemente Melchiore Girolamo Nicola della Genga was his original name. He was best known for his recognitions and social reforms of the rights of the worker. PopeLeo XII was a traditionalist type of ruler, he enforced many laws, including one forbidding Jews to own property. With him dying so soon, he didn’t make a big impact in his pope years. His time in rule of pope was not popular in the Papal States. When he knew it was his time he received the Viaticum and was anointed. He died February 10, 1829. It is unclear how he died but we assume it was because of his ill health from his election to the papacy to his death. It doesn’t clarify if he was a saint but from my readings he is not. In his honor a monument was created by the cardinals which is located in St. Peter’s Basilica.

Pope XII worked hard as a pope and still was an unpopular pope. This essay was stating his childhood or early life, ministry, and his vatican. Even with all of the negatives to his papacy like that he turned out to be a short sighted in terms of policy and his governance of the Church. The positives are him restoring the Roman College in Jesuits and renewing freemasonry. Sources of the information I found: Catholic Encyclopedia, Flocknote, Wikiwand, Revolvy, New Advent, Britannica, Billion Graves, Destroy Freemasonry, Papal Artifacts, Biography-your dictionary, and Encyclopedia.

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