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The Definition of Ecological Footprint

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The title ecological footprint can be defined as a human impact on the ecosystem. The ecological footprint is being covered as a sum of grazing soil, cropland, forests, and finished terrains which are needed for generating lumber and food for meeting the consumption of individuals so that wastage being released can also be absorbed. The ecological footprint works upon the demand and supply requirements of nature. Being a resident of the USA, in the experiments being carried by environmental researchers, I have found the conclusion that the USA has got most eminent per capita footprint in the world (Barrett, J. 2005). The ecological footprint of the USA is about 9.57 hectares. If every person on the planet has to live like a common American then the USA would require five planets to support its total civilians. It is very shocking if the depletion rate of natural resources by USA citizens rises day by day then the ecology of the earth can be hindered quickly and exhausted in no time. If the ill-usage of natural resources is being regulated and reduced by me and other people living on earth then the ecology of earth can be balanced effortlessly. There are specific changes that I can make in my life for diminishing ecological footprint by using the car correctly to lessen carbon footprint by driving slowly, keeping a balanced level of speed, and forecasting starts and stops. I can also initiate changes by walking on my foot rather than using a car. In my apartment also, I can make changes to reduce the carbon footprint from ecology by lighting bulbs as per my requirement which will help in saving energy, doing household work like cleaning, washing, and cooking food by using water in an optimum manner (Aall, C. 2005). I can use the thought of going green in my everyday life by using supplies from wastage through the recycling method. If the entire citizens of the USA and other nations all over the earth follow the same theory of reducing carbon footprints from ecology then single earth would be sufficient for me and all human beings to sustain and live their life happily. If natural resources from the environment are being used by me and other human being excessive without being conserved and protected then in such a situation single earth would become difficult to meet the demands of humans because supply will reduce day by day.

We cannot proceed to consume resources at prevailing rate because resources of the earth are confined and it is decreasing day by day because humans have been sequentially exploiting resources for their convenience which is eventually creating a lot of carbon footprints in the earth by hampering ecosystem and human life to a higher extent. If nothing is being done to preserve the earth and its ecosystem then certain problems like landslides, melting of glaciers, deforestation, diseases like cancer, global warming, etc will occur. The figure of wildlife animals is reducing and it will reduce more to a much higher extent. There can be certain changes that can be suggested by me to others for lessening carbon footprints such as training localities to utilize resources like water, fuel, energy, electricity in an appropriate manner without wasting it. I can organize a campaign where the Go Green concept can be used which will highlight diminishing wastage of carbon emission products like transportation, constructing go green building, protecting wildlife, growing plants and trees for balancing the ecosystem and educating and training local people, and scattering awareness about recycling and using goods by making best out of waste materials (Kennedy, 2007). There is a deep link between changes in my consumption level and my footprint because the fewer resources I will use the more I will conserve and the less carbon footprint will be produced by positively affecting the earth. As my consumption level changes, my footprint also changes simultaneously. If I use resources like water, energy, land, fuel, and electricity excessively then there is a high level of carbon footprint emission that will hamper earth, its habitat, and the entire ecosystem negatively. This is significant because more resources are being used and misused by humans that results in more emersion of carbon footprint, but if human uses resources in a balanced manner by applying to go green concept and conserve resources than there is a reduction of the carbon footprint on the earth. The two most significant categories of our ecological footprint are water and transportation because both are required in our daily life. Water is being used by all of us for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and washing though we know it is limited in the earth, we are using as well as misusing it. The rivers, ponds, and lakes have drained up which was a habitat of animals like fish, dolphins, etc because it has been dirtied by humans that are eventually hampering the ecosystem of earth and its human being. The second category is known as transportation where humans like me have been using cars, buses, trucks, airplanes, etc for commuting from one place to another place. Transportation has been polluting the air because harmful smoke and gases have been coming out from vehicles which are eventually affecting living beings and its surrounding. For water and transportation categories certain adjustments can be made in such categories to significantly reduce their environmental impact by properly utilizing them. Water can be used by human beings like me and others for cooking, washing, and cleaning processes in an appropriate manner by purifying it, and also ponds, rivers and lakes should not be polluted by human beings like me and others. Transportation system can be managed by human beings like me and others by replacing the old vehicles with eco-friendly vehicles which run using water and air rather than the fuel. It can reduce the carbon footprints to a much higher extent by reducing the emersion of smoke and harmful gases (Lenzen, M. 2003).

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I have learned that being a human I am obligated to lessen carbon footprints from ecology by correctly appropriating resources. To continue in a wholesome environment of earth resources should be preserved and conserved by educating people to apply the going green concept for reducing carbon footprints from ecology.


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