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The Definition Of Fear, Its Types & Forms

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Fear, terror, worry, phobia, panic, are something we all live with and must except. Being afraid is a normal human reaction, even at an early age we learn what is dangerous and who to fear. Children at school are taught to fear authority figures for conformity as well as assimilation. Fear is even used by politicians to win elections. Some fears are irrational though, they overcome a person. Fear is a chemical response that can instantly change our body functions and metabolism, yet “it is all in our head”. We hide, run or attack on instinct, but fear is a choice and can be trained away.

Fear is a mighty weapon and one that is often confused why it got so strong, but it follows an evolutionary track. Fear starts in our brain, we are born with only two fears: falling and loud noises. Quickly, in response to society and environment it grows into phobias (irrational fears). We have delusions of monsters under the bed, or the Loch Ness. Maybe we had a bad experience in small space, leaving trauma and claustrophobia. There is no danger, yet we react as if there is. This form of fear is simple and easy to control. Most also grow out of it in their adolescence.

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There are long lists is strangely worded phobias, new ones popping up every year: coulrophobia, nomophobia, aerophobia. As we get older we begin to fear what is dangerous such as a bully or being in pain, to keep us safe. The most rational version affair is worry. Rational fears include the fear of being alone, failing and losing your job. These fares can live within you forever. There is a direct threat and rational fear. This is very unfair is caused by the unknown, and due to anxiety about what the future holds. In contrast to phobia which causes us to scream, cry, and run, worry leave you quiet, with a queasy stomach and pacing. We worry because we lack knowledge and experience, whether it be making a choice of college or choice of a partner, we fear that if we make the wrong choice we may ruin our entire life. This is dangerous because it can cause us to act impulsively.

Most importantly, fear is a weapon. Many great leaders such as Aristotle have uncovered that true, he said “he who has overcome his fears will truly be free”. Fear is manipulation, one way that fear manipulate us is physically. Our brain tricks itself into shutting down, believing we are dying at times. Our body can react by developing anxiety disorders, depression, IBS, ulcers, and even death. If we can manipulate our own selves so can others. Fear is not curiosity, trust or comfort. Fear is not freedom; it is a prison in our mind. It is domination and Confusion over what is reality and what is not. We can fear Things that isn’t even a problem and be controlled. So, why do we fear? Fear can keep us safe if we can identify the type of fear we experience.


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