The Definition of Happiness: What Does Happiness Mean to You

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The definition of happiness means differently for everyone as everyone defined by their own how they mean it and enjoy it. Some people find their happiness either in the achievements such as career, dreams and goals or in their family while others find happiness in achieving everything as per their wish. A happy person knows how to maintain a balance between personal and professional life such as he/she always makes the schedule to arrange the time for family and work so that everything is done on time.

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After riding the time machine, I noticed that I have changed myself a lot as compare to now and my attitude towards work and personally completely different. Some of the good habits, I will adopt like I will become punctual and complete my project before the deadlines. Also I noticed that I am working as a developer at multinational company Microsoft Corporation which is one of the best company to learn new technology and I am working to develop an application which is my dream project for today. As I noticed that in the future my focus and dedication is more on work as compare to family which helps me to achieve my dream project not in maintaining my social relations. I would also have some health issues. After nearly 5 to 7 years from now, I will have my own royal house living with my family and a vintage lowrider which is also one of my dream as well as I would be a citizen of Canada.

However, currently I am in last semester of my computer programming course at Lambton College, Toronto. As, I am almost done with my studies, now, I am focusing on how to implement my knowledge in real by doing practical’s and projects to sharpen my programming skills. In order to get my dream job, I have to get a programming job in a good company to obtain required experience and skills like how to execute all the codes in java, C# language in real coding for projects as well as run a small business then I will make a budget for me to save enough funds to achieve my dreams.

As I come to know that I will become weak in maintaining my social relations, I will make a schedule in which everything will be maintained for personal and professional life such as timetable for working hour and plans with family for entertainment purposes and sharing a small moments with them as these small changes can make a big change for making relationships strong. As I had seen, due to a lot of work, my life will become to stressful and I will have some health issues because of not taking care of my health and unhealthy food. So as I do not want to suffer from all these things, now I will take care of my eating habits. This is how the time machine help me a lot to adopt good habits and get rid of bad ones.

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