The Demise Of Blackberry

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The demise of blackberry was ultimately due to their prior successes. They were not able to manage all the changes that were happening around them such as the evolution of cellphones heading to bigger touch screen displays but instead decided to be conservative and complacent as they were more focused on keeping and pleasing their current customers. Taking these measures could have allowed them to continue their successes.

Step 1: they could have recognised what needs to be changed by critically reviewing the organizations objectives and goals to make sure the company was heading to success financially and ethically.

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Step 2: When Blackberry decides precisely what they wish to achieve and why, they should then decide how the effects of the change will make an impact at each hierarchical level. This data will begin to frame the outline for where training is needed the most to decrease the effects.

Step 3: Blackberry would need to decide the best strategy to communicate the change to the group or person to bring them on board. The strategy should explain in a timetable format how the change will be incrementally communicated, stating the key messages, and specific communication channels they intend on utilizing.

Step 4: With the intention of change made public within the organization, it’s vital the specific employees know that they will be getting training in a formal or informal manner to gain the specific knowledge and skills required. This could be acquired by preparing and incorporating a suite of small scale learning web modules, or a mixed learning approach using face-to-face meetings or tutoring and training whilst working.

Step 5: Having a support system is a necessity to help workers adapt and acclimatise to the change by building specialized abilities to accomplish goals laid out by the company. Some change can negatively impact employees. To prevent this from happening, help services could be offered such as counselling to allow individuals to explore the circumstance.

Step 6: All through the change management process, a structure needs to be set up to assess the business effect of the progressions stating if these changes were effective, the extent of the effectiveness and if any lessons were learnt.


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