The Descendants of Adam and Eve

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The descendants of Adam and Eve

So early, God had decided to sow camaraderie between these two innocent creatures. Since then and till now, we might have bagged awards for inventions, formulated humongous edifices, conquered the unknown realms of space and moana but when we sit under a million stars, we are merely love-thirsty creatures. And talking of stars, we might hold them responsible for this very thirst. But these guiding astro-bodies left us some suggestions, let's take a look at that.

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Aries. This zodiac’s very element aptly describes the personality traits. The Fire. Its presence calls for zest. Nothing more and certainly nothing less. Aries people believe in making every moment matter. Though sometimes the impulsiveness takes a toll on her she is a brave heart who will always give you the positive vibe. Even when situations become hard, they do not receive a step back, instead takes up the challenge wholeheartedly. They are outspoken people who make sure that they are heard. Honesty and energy is her lifeblood, so do help her out returning the same favour for her! And that’s precisely what Sagittarius does for her. The one who takes her out on a long passionate drive and “matches that fire with more fire”.

Taurus is the sign that believes in reality. An earth sign, so very well grounded. They are overprotective creatures who love keeping themselves in safe zones, and it might take huge labour to step into that zone. They are very much determined, which is often mistaken to be their stubbornness. But this stable sign is the perfect hook that might hold on to airy Libra.

Virgo as well as an earth sign carrying a strong, well-organised personality, who is conservative at the same time. They are the ultimate doers. They are very hard-working and always finds room for improvement. Virgo is a stronger lover than a fighter. They are not big fans of confrontation and like to stay in peace. Virgo people are the goodness seekers. That is where they bring in dismay. And as a result, they very often seem to flow with low self-esteem and become stressed. So there comes in a tidy Capricorn who emphasises in prioritising the positive aspects of life and effortlessly brings her spirits up.

Libra. Remember the white dove carrying an olive branch in its beak! Libra are carriers of such a message as they peaceful and they strongly believe in balance and stability. Libra people stick to people with stronghold commitment and therefore values and takes care of every small detail in a relationship. They are optimistic people who will always make you feel better and never let sadness be your mask. Fortunately, Taurus and Libra hold hand in hand, balancing each other nicely. And as Thought Catalog mentioned, “ You are quite the diva and know that you should be treated like royalty.” So choose Taurus to make you feel the same.

Scorpio is the most apparent admirers of nature. They have a mesmerizing personality that makes you put your first foot forward without regret! They are assertive and ambitious people who tend to walk and talk like leaders. Many of us say, “My boyfriend has got huge trust issues”. One who has a never-ending suspicion and also goes through a hard time believing others. Such is one side of Scorpio. Nonetheless, it is a water sign, and like water, they flow through the paths of life gaining experience and conveying emotions. Very simple yet attractive. Well, Cancer is lucky to have unparalleled compatibility with Scorpio as Scorpio’s love is as pure as the water.

Sagittarius people are calm and cool minded people who are undoubtedly generous and have an excellent sense of humour. They are freedom lovers but at the same time loves change. If you ever try to “box them in”, they will see it as a threat to their independence and move away from you soon. They have a ruling determination to transform actions into goals. They pour all their enthusiasm out to explore new things. They are very much impatient. They just cannot wait to figure it out once a thought pops up in their mind. And of course, we all had a mate who used to go on nagging, “Tell me the secret, now, now, NOW!”. So we know how sulky and frustrated they become when they try running faster than the world rotates. This extrovert holds on to reliable Libra pretty well, keeping no backlogs at all.

Capricorns are very friendly and responsible people. Heard of the angry wardens in school hostel? She would never let you play after five or visit another friend’s room during study hours. Capricorns are to such a great extent, disciplined and stern. They are practical and use this to lead the way forward, even though they do not escape making mistakes but are solely learners based on their experiences. They can adapt to different personalities, and resourceful Scorpio proves to be the worthy partner here.

Cancer: We have all heard of vampires. The charming mind-readers! Well, though most believe they are a myth, we can say that their sense of intuition is something that still lives on in Cancer. They pick up clues which might be beyond the understanding of others. Have a friend who figures out in no time when you are upset? And when that same friend has a similar situation, but you only find it out when she decides to let you know. If yes, then that friend might be cancer. One who reads mind well but is very much unforeseeable. They are beautiful and romantic souls prone to falling in love at a breakneck speed. They have a deep need of feeling loved. Though shy and conservative, when she decides to dive in, she does not fathom. They are self-control expertise and would never easily forget humiliation. Pisces becomes her right companion to fulfil her every need and make the bond long-lasting!

Gemini is passionate beings. They are social and communicative and as a result are easy to mix up with. They have very curious minds.Take them to a museum or an art gallery, and you will find them more with the curator, asking questions, than with yourself. They live appreciating everything the eye can see. They are the people who will come up to you and say, “You look bad”, without any hesitation. They are not afraid to speak out about what is going on in their heads. Aquarius comes in here, understanding her “bit different” persona and respects her nature, her own identity.

Aquarius are strong independent thinkers. They can be very philosophical at times. Deep thoughts consume them in no time and might start over-thinking sometimes. Then you will see a downright weird person right in front of you. You will hardly find an Aquarius judging easily. They are broad-minded and will take into account every bit of detail when stepping into new situations. They are highly intelligent and unbiased, so they a see a world full of opportunities. If you are always “me, me, me”, then Aquarius will be quick to distance themselves from you. Aquarius are enthusiastic and at the same time have the ability to restore it just in time. Gemini, who is similarly interested in learning the new, stretches out the right hand for Aquarius to hold.

Leo is warm-hearted, cheerful people who love making friends. Interaction is something that makes their day exciting. Ask them out for a coffee, and you will never hear a no. We also notice people at offices who are pretty bossy but makes the perfect team leaders. Well, that person might be Leo as leadership is their lifeblood, and we all know, Lion is the King of the Jungle. They carry the same loyalty. They will never stop taking charge of situations and most probably will bring in the trophy. Aries is the only one that matches the ferocity of Leo’s personality. Both being unafraid and thoroughly adventurous get tied to each other with an ever-tightening thread for life.

Pisces are creative, gentle and benevolent. They are friendly and very much selfless. They will help others even if they get stuck in quicksand. Their greatest strength is their empathy. Share an incident, and they will tell you things you did not even notice. You can always rely on their intuition. But they are pretty much indecisive and might as well take over an hour to figure out what to order for dinner, Pizza or a Burger! Understanding Pisces communicates just fine with Cancer, instead of drowning in trivial fights.

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