The Desert Tortoise: Endangered Species in the Desert Ecosystem

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The Desert tortoise is in need of protection. Their habitat is being destroyed. Their food sources are being depleted. Soon they will go extinct in the Mojave desert ecosystem. Some ways we can help the tortoises are by helping in restoration projects. We can also help reduce the pollution that is hurting their habitats. Another way to help is planting food sources in their natural habitat so they can grow and have more food. We need to help restore desert tortoise habitats in the Mojave.

We can help the tortoises by helping or starting our own restoration projects. Since the habitats are being destroyed by pollution and toxic chemicals, we need to help because these things are human caused. We can help by removing the trash from the desert. And we can rebuild their desert homes by planting new bushes since humans have destroyed the original ones by riding things like ATVs and dirtbikes over them and destroying them. We can also start our own restoration projects because we do not need to just let other people do the work we can help. Restoration projects are a good way to help the desert tortoises.

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Another way we can help desert tortoises is to reduce the pollution in their habitat. Since the pollution is all human caused, we have a responsibility to clean it up. If we would just stop being lazy and just recycle our plastic and cans and paper, and throw away what needs to be thrown away, then we could reduce pollution by a lot. A lot of our pollution ends up in animal habitats, so it is our job to fix it. We can just go out in the desert and pick up trash we see.That way we can go for a nice little walk and clean up the tortoise habitat at the same time. Habitat clean up is another way to help.

A final way we can help the desert tortoise is by planting the food they eat. In their habitat they eat mostly grasses, and they also eat herds, wildflowers, and the flowers and fruit of cacti. Humans have ruined their diets because we mess up the plants when we walk on them and ride ATVs and things like that on trails that are not meant for riding on. We also kill the plants with pollution and such, and we dig up the plants for our backyards. So once again it is human’s fault that the tortoises are endangered. We can help by buying new plants or plant seeds of the food they eat and planting them in the desert. When they grow the tortoises can eat them and that way their food source is replenished. Planting food sources for the tortoise is a great way to help, since it is our fault anyways.

So since it is because of human actions that the desert tortoises in the Mojave Desert are endangered, we have a responsibility to help save them. We can just do simple things to help. We can do simple easy things to save the tortoises. Things like planting their food sources, reducing pollution and cleaning up the pollution, and doing restoration projects are great easy ways to help the desert tortoises in the Mojave Desert. So , as you can see, there are multiple ways we can help the tortoises.

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