The Desire to Work in Criminology as My Dream Job

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Ever since I can remember I have been asked the same question over again, 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' my response was always 'I want to work in Criminology, Olympic Athlete, or a Social Worker. Children are asked that same question all the time, but they never are asked how much their dream jobs are going to make them give up, or how much money it will cost. Now that I am older, I try to consider the cost and the things that I will need to give up to achieve my dreams. I look at what other people will have to give up to help me turn my dreams into a reality. I also look at what is efficient and how my self-interest shifts throughout my journey to achieve my dreams.

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In the future I can see myself helping others through social work, because I was helped through the same way. I feel like I would have a better understanding of how to help the people I work with because I went through a similar situation. I believe that the best person for a job is someone with experience, either through experiencing it themselves, or working with others who have experienced it. Growing up I always wanted to have three jobs, because I loved them so much, but as I got older I realized that I had to choose. I can't work in Criminology because I was basing my 'dreams ' on what I watched on T.V. As I got older, I found out that solving cases do not take one day, most of the time they take months and sometimes years to solve a case, I think if I worked in that field, I would lose hope, and I would just give up. That would not be good for anyone, especially the victims. I can not be a professional athlete right now because I am struggling with an eating disorder, so that is not the best option for me, maybe in the far future when I am healthy. Right now I do not have the motivation it takes to put all that you have in being a professional athlete. Maybe I will give these options a second chance in the future.

I have made it my goal to become a Social Worker. The monetary cost for me achieving my dream goals is just over 42,200 dollars a year. The web '' says that becoming a social worker is one of the hardest jobs because you have to train for many years and for many different areas. For my dream job, I would be giving up a lot, like, time with family and friends, and time for myself. Social work would become all that I do, but I would not mind because those are the things I am agreeing to give up to follow my dreams. I would have to save every penny that I make, and probably work many different jobs,but in the end it would be worth it if it meant that I could help people.

In the end, the benefits out-weigh the cost because I would be happy knowing how much work I put into achieving my dreams, and knowing that I will be able to help someone who is in the same position that I was in as a child. The cost of being a social worker is a reasonable price for me to pay because I would get to help others, and it is a job that I am confident that I could do for a long time. Your dream job may not be easy to achieve, but it will be worth it once you are doing living it.

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