The Detrimental Effects of Fast Food Documented in Super Size Me

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In today's society, fast food has become a large part of many American's lives. The rising range of obese individuals makes us need to draw a correlation between the rise in fast food and obesity. In the film Super Size Me, most obese individuals don’t wish to be obese and want to slim down, however, they still struggle with their fast food/junk food intake and obesity. This downside is because of advertising done on the individuals buying fast food, how addictive the food is, and the way advertising and addiction go hand and hand with kids to create bad habits that are typically unbroken even after they become adults.

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Processed foods are socially acceptable, cheap, and convenient.“Unhealthy intake and physical inactivity are leading causes of death within the U.S. Unhealthy diet contributes to about 678,000 deaths every year within the U.S., because of nutrition and obesity-related diseases, like cardiomyopathy, cancer, and type two diabetes.” (Center For Science in Public Interest) this is often caused by tasty food that's cheaper to shop for than healthier choices like fruits, vegetables, and home-baked meals. Our society has created it to be difficult to restrain from foods jam packed with extra fat, sugar, and salt since they are indeed cheaper. Additionally, these kinds of food is accessible on each corner, and typically you don’t even need to leave your car or home to get the food with home delivery. The environment influences our food decisions, and includes how far we tend to live from a fast food restaurant, what foods are accessible at home to us, and how close tend to be are from fast food restaurants near us.

Media advertising is brainwashing everybody, particularly the youth. It's not just the fact that they take photos of burgers and fries that are brainwashing children or even adults. On top of all that there is also the food ads online and on television. A great deal of celebrities and professional athletes promote sweetened food and drinks like Pepsi and Gatorade too for example. They promote products that may harm their fans and sadly young children do not understand the power of these advertisements. Not only are these foods being promoted all over where kids will see them, however they are additionally being promoted inside schools. Most schools are making money out of this simple business by marketing industry products that are supposed to be “healthy” for their students. 

These healthy products are best known to say that they are low in fat potato chips, ice cream, and even low in sugar sodas. But, in reality these products being sold are a lot of sugar-filled snacks and drinks. Rather than with nutrients to boost students health. This is often causing students to gain weight and develop diseases like obesity and diabetes, that was never seen before among children and teenagers. These companies are hiding the important facts from people and are tricking people into buying their new “healthy” and renovated product that is really full of additional sugar. What people don’t know is that sugar is addictive. Sugar activates the human brain to release beta endorphins that are the same chemical in heroin and morphine. Thus, making fast food extremely habit-forming.

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