The Development of Children Through Kindergarten and Primary Education


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Troughout chilhood, children have been prospective in a variety of Presdiential Address inside a international society, gloriously long, hot days, balmy scented evenings and the first sweet strawberries of the season. As well the sweetest strawberries for the perfect time for a camping holiday and picnics, also indulgent and sweet laughter is childhood.

Over the past seventy years, a massive adoption of kindergartens in the public primary school system ocurred in all fifty states in United States. This resulted in a dramatic increase in the avalibility of kindergartens, several studies carry out assesses how to increase availability of kindergartens programs. Initially, all kindergarten funds come from private or local sources, such as local philanthropic organizations, prívate tution payments, or local tax dollars. However, between the fifties and the eighties each of state eventually transitioned to a model in which kindergarten was subsidize using state revenue, included kindergartens twelve. This subsidazation granted to provide the kindergarten as a part of their public primary school educational system.

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“In recent years, teacher compensation reform has resurfaced as a strategy to enhance academic outcomes in the U.S public elementary and secondary school system. A number of school districts, state education agencies, and national and federal initiatives presently fund the development and implementation of programs that remunerate teachers based on their performance or differentiate teacher pay in response to market conditions”. Meanwhile, ¿we need a definition of scientific education? The notable love, which it consider our home field, is commonly defined quite simply: so if we are all work to scientifics education since the little child learning, then what we do must scientific education. This answer is cheap, but in a objetctive view not very effective. A crucial question is: are we all doing the same thing, for it “Financial incentives also have been advocated as a viable tool for motiviating teachers to higher levels of performance. enticing more effective teachers to join or remain in the teaching profession, and aligning teacher behaviours”.

For many rushing to estímate unclear assumptions we must repatríate to the precarious birth light, the Gift of Frederick Froebel who originated the term ‘kindergarten’ in 1840, established his philosophy of education on the idea that preliminary education should be based on natural play, whereby infant minds could be canalized into paths of learning.*It was in Germany. “Forms, patterns, and other meanings were to be discovered by the child during play or while carrying out various occupations. The child was given the opportunity to express himself, both alone, or more often with his mother or in a group with others, and to project his inner states upon the outside world, through the activities of language, play, drawing, and a sense of rhythm. Froebel respected the freedom of the child and thought of the play of children as a form of creative activity. ‘Gifts,’ toys, or playthings arranged in a series of in- creasing complexity”. More complex forms could be constructed or assembled by the child from the simple elements. Froebel conceived of these objects as symbols and be- lieved that the child played not only with the physical things but also with the symbols and the patterning of symbols, also Froebel contribuited his kindergarten gifts and occupation from lengthty experience, observation and emprysim. The development took fiteen years, what led to the continuous evolution of education systems especially after being moved by the constant modernization until we reach a technological and complex model of the study of kindergarten through grade twelve, until we reach a technological and complex model of the study of kindergarten through grade twelve.

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