The Development of Medical Education: Why This Medical School Was Chosen

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Medical Education Development is peer-reviewed, it’s an open access journal. It demonstrates the new developments in the field of medicine. Medical Education Development targets the people that are interested in the medical field. Usually the people that graduate from medicine, are usually the ones who learn more about the background/development of medicine. Medical education usually changes just like regular education. Many scholars that have studied medical development agree that it has changed over the time.

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Between 1860 and 1900, medical education was in its infancy. The higher education curriculum was not complimenting because they failed to recognize the development of sciences. The admission were low for many medical schools, and some didn’t even need a high school diploma. Back then many medical schools had less perminilary education requirements, than law school. So many students couldn’t really afford an undergraduate degree, then they decided to join medical school. In the 1800s a group called “American Medical Association '' started to influence some people. In this time it also started the introduction of state licensing laws.

Still by the 1800s we started to see formal entrance requirements. Which included written and oral exams for clinical skills and the classical skills. But still, medicine was having a hard time to develop many things. For example, hospitals were unsuitable for treating patients, while dispensaries were more popular forms of medical treatment. This is the reason it influenced clinical teaching in medical schools. Usually, back then medical schools would like to take their students to a dispensary school because it had more patients. Also dispensaries could and would help out the student’s needs.

The well-funded medical schools were well provided, but they were few and far away from where some students are living. But the students in that school had better opportunities to travel to Europe and learn from speciality hospitals there. The people who studied in Europe had a better chance in becoming a doctor or a surgeon. The reason they had a better chance was because in Europe they were more developed than in the United States in the time.

Many changes have happened in the medicine school in the turn of the century. Between 1900 and 1950, the development was rapid and most of it it's because of the Flexner Report. Doctors, are not very accessible for much of the population because they preferred to be in cities and urban areas. However, during that period medicine changed, it became better. It became better because of the government's focus on public health. Death rates were declining because the the government were paying more attention to what was happening. Later on, the standard of living was rising due to public health measures.

Doctors became more aware of what was happening, and started helping more people. They assumed a new responsibility for maintaining longitudinal medical records on his patients so that he could recognize changes in their state of health,” and this connection allowed more personalized care. This transfer into medical education. Most of the influence was from the Flexner Report of 1910.

The Flexner Report was developed as a study in the “Johns Hopkins University Medical School.” The purpose of the “report” was to look at the quality of facilities, entrance requirements, and the number of qualified faculty members at medical school. The real legacy is that it “transformed medical school education to strictly adhere to protocols of mainstream science teaching (basic sciences, research, and clinical care).” The report did impact a lot of schools. It emphasized the importance of an academic education and research the skills learned from professional training.  

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