The Diary of Anne Frank: the Holocaust by the Eyes of a Witness

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The Holocaust was a time where people were dropping like flies. It was a time period where people were hunted down like animals and killed in cold blood. Adolf Hitler was an anti-Semitic Nazi leader who believed that Jews were an inferior race, an “alien threat to the German racial purity”. Around six million Jews between 1941 and 1945 were tortured to death by the death squads or worse transported to death camps. The Nazis sought to obliterate the entire Jewish race in Europe. Victims ranged from children to the elderly, there was no age limit to stop the wrath of these cold hearted killers (The Holocaust). During the Holocaust, Jews documented their mournful experience in their own words and from their own perspective in letters and diaries. Anne Frank was one of these testimonial writers of this heartbreaking time and she allowed us to see into her world through her optimistic eyes.

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The most famous acclaimed life during the Holocaust has been read by millions of people, including ourselves. We have all read or watched The Diary of Anne Frank at some point in our lives. Anne Frank is the world's most famous World War II Holocaust victim. She was a Jewish teenager who went into hiding during the Holocaust for two years. She jotted down her experience while being confined with her family and four other fugitives as they hid behind a bookcase in a concealed attic space of her father’s office building (Anne Frank Biography). Her optimistic view of the depressing time reflected her nobility. These journal entries of her traumatizing experience later became the renowned book, The Diary of Anne Frank which serves as a tool of information and inspiration to many people.

Annelies “Anne” Marie Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany on June 12, 1929 and died in February- March 1945. Her father, Otto Frank, was a businessman while her mother, Edith, was a stay at home mom. Anne was an outgoing and spirited child. She got into more trouble than her quiet and serious older sister, Margot. Anne was like her father who liked to play around, while Margot was more shy like her mother. She was like any other teenage girl around her age. Anne Frank had the common teenage arguments with her parents, as well as the thoughts of being a self-regulating girl hoping to fall in love, as most teenagers do today. The skinny thirteen year old girl with short black hair and a fair skin complexion who, was a naughty, funny,courageous, smart, and loud girl (Biography Anne frank).

Furthermore, the Holocaust was the mass slaughter of European civilians and especially Jews by the Nazis during World War II. There were mobile killing units, also, known as the death squad that were in charge of these mass murders. The death squad had many methods of killing these innocent people but their favorite was the open field. They would enter a town or city and rounded up all Jews, where they were forced to gather all their valuables and remove their clothing. Then the killing squad members would march them into open fields, forests, and ravines on the outskirts of the town. There they would line them up in a line and shoot them in the line with no mercy; then dumped the bodies into mass graves (Mobile killing squad). Another, method was the gas vans in which the “exhaust pipes had been reconfigured to pump carbon monoxide gas into sealed paneled spaces behind the cabs of the vehicles. ”The dead bodies were then driven into a nearby forest, where they were dumped into mass graves. There were six killing centers known as "extermination camps" or "death camps. "Chelmno was the first killing campto begin operations, in December 1941. The largest killing center was Auschwitz-Birkenau, also known as Auschwitz II. In the camps they would kill the jews by placing them in gas chambers (Killing center: In depth). First, they were told to take off their clothing because they were going to take a shower. Inside there were three columns for the ventilators, through which the gas was poured in. When the room was full, small children were thrown in through a window. Infants were grabbed by their little legs and smashed their skulls against the wall. Then the gas was let into the chamber, where the lungs of the victims slowly burst, and after three minutes a loud clamoring could be heard. Then the chamber were opened, and those who showed signs of life were beaten to death (Experiences of a Fifteen year old in Birkenau).

Anne Frank's story is an unquestionably horrifying yet moving story. Even though Anne did not physically survive the camps, her soul is immortalized in her diary. Anne's legacy is important because it provides insight into the lives of those in hiding during World War II. Her story provided the world with a glimpse into the mind of a real victim during this inhuman time period. Her constant positive outlook on her life was amazing she said “Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy. ” Even through the toughest of tough she had a positive view. The emotional appeal that Anne writes with provides a learning and a relatable connection that textbooks about World War II just cannot provide. Anne's writing also has a positive undertone, she sees good in everyone. This reminds people that it is possible to find light even in the darkest of situations. Anne's story is one of courage and hope, when all hopes were lost. “I don't think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains” Anne Frank. ”

Anne represented, and still does, an entire race during a very bleak time. A time where these jewish families lost everything from material things to inner hope. But that wasn’t case for Anne; she teaches humanity many lessons about life. Her most impactful lesson is being optimistic and humble. Anne Frank was able to tell us her story about what it was like to live in a country full of people that hated Jews, like herself. Having to be aware and careful while living with fear every single day is no way to live, but Anne Frank managed to keep positive every day she was alive. She teaches us to be optimistic, to see the good things around us, and not to focus on the negative aspects of life, as she did during her traumatizing experience. Anne Frank always saw the light in the nazies as they destroyed an entire race with no mercy. Under all evil there is some type of light.

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