The Diffence Between Pro-Choice and Pro-Life Abortion Debate

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The most important aspect to focus on when dicsussing abortion debate in essays is to have an understanding of the difference between Pro-Choice and Pro-Life. Pro-lifers advocate against the legal right to abortions disregarding a womans wants to live a certain lifestyle, her religious beliefs or morals. Pro-choice supporters advocate for the rights of women to use their voice, and to make their own decision despite their personal opinion towards abortion. From a personal perspective, pro-choice is a respectable outlook to agree with when it comes to the issues facing aboriton laws. The main issue society faces is the lack of respect in regards to aboortion rights when someone proposes an opposing view.

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Raising Awareness of the Abortion Debate

Society as a whole lacks the basic skills it takes to understand that simply because someone disagrees with a certain stance does not mean that they have to be crucified for it. Different ideas, outlooks and individuals is what gives the world an incentive to discuss important movements. If everyone in society shared the same views, the world would be extremely bland and would lack challenges. In order for individuals to move forward, they have to be challenged to think outside of their own box to be introduced to new experiences. Embracing the different circulation of views, thoughts and beliefs.

Both the woman and fetus are dependent on one another and can also be seen as members of society, a hypocritical viewpoint. As a member of this society, free will is an inalienable right. Therefore, when it comes to this difficult decision, the woman is the only one in control at the time. The decision is hers and hers alone. Even in cases where termination of the pregnancy is the best medical answer, laws and opposing viewpoints come about hindering the decision of others. In the case of miscarriages, the body is just simplyh rejecting said fetus, also known as a spontaneous abortion. Typically the body detects a problem with the fetus and recognizes the baby will either be extremely handicapped, terminally ill, will not make it to full term, or will eventually kill the mother. Even still, presented with his information, society refuses to acknowledge the ease that comes with allowing a woman the right to hrf own choice.

Listening to women's experiences as they go through childbirth makes you realize how complex life is due to the different trials they face in their transition to motherhood. Postpartum depression can occur after bringing a child into the world, each woman goes through different stages of depression and handles it differently. However, the fact that this is not taken into account which is why the advocacy for pro-choice began and is still a on-going moevement. A woman's decision making when it comes down to her own wellbeing and future does not deserve to be in the hands of the state.

The pro-life and pro-choice movements have turned women against each other although at the end of the day, women as a whole need to stick together. Women are their own worst enemies, the argument of the aborotion and how it is handled is a reflection of women treat one another. The lack of respect women show each other projects outwardly and plays a role in how politicians manipulate the rights of women. When women decide to celebrate their differences, society will then follow suit and can then reach a common ground on such a sensitive, yet important, matter.


Raising awareness and spreading knowledge about voting and how to vote on the state level is the first step to fixing the injustice women face when it comes to their roles in society. Too many people today are not aware of how to vote. Just as the right to a woman choosing what to do with herself is inalienable, so is the right to vote and should be taught and exercised. The fate of many decisions are left in the hands of those that certain laws do not even affect. The elderly, for example vote with outdated opinions that no longer apply to the social climate today, however they are the majority voting. Should the younger generations such as millenials, generation Y, and generation Z become educated and participate in state affairs, results for these decisions would be very different.

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