The Difference Between High School and College

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First, in high school, most of my classes were assigned to me by a guidance counselor that helped me choose and set up my schedule for the upcoming year. At Hampton I have what’s called a major curriculum that tells me what classes I need to take for my specific major, but I also have an advisor that I can make an appointment with if needed be. In college I get to choose the actual professor I want even though I may not know them. In high school I was given my textbooks, workbooks and some of the materials I needed for the school year. Now in college I am responsible for getting my textbooks, workbooks, and all the materials I need for the semester and then do it all over again for the next one.

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Secondly, if you miss class in college it’s really hard to catch back up, and you really need to plan on your classmate or friends teaching you what you missed because your professor will not go back. If you continue to miss class then you may end up being withdrawn from the class. If an assignment is do the day that you happened to miss class chances are your professor is not going to take it, unless it was a ligament excuse on why you missed class. As a college student we are expected to remember the important deadlines and the repercussions if the deadlines are not met in a timely manner, because now you can’t get your parents to call in and talk to your teacher and nine times out of ten they won’t tell them anything. In high school teachers were a lot more lenient with students because if you missed class you would have 2-3 days to get the late work turned in and if it wasn’t in by the end of the 2nd or 3rd day it became a zero.

Lastly, as a freshman in high school, you are really starting to find yourself and thinking about what you want to be/ do with your life. You have a little bit more freedom then you would in like middle school. High school is a very structured environment. You also become a lot more dependent on teacher and other people to help guide you through the next for years. In college you have to be very self-reliant and do everything for yourself, for instance nobody is gonna call and wake you up or even tell you to go to class. A high school student needs to find a way for them to best study so they can ensure that they get the best grades. College is all about studying so you really need a good and consent way to study and to know how to write papers to get good grades.

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