The Difference of Using an Ebook Versus Printed Book in College

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Students have complained recently about the prices of books at the campus bookstore. Many students have mentioned Web-based booksellers as possible alternatives. As a representative of your student government, you've decided to find out what the best alternatives are, and which the best alternative is for students at your school. You decide to compare these alternatives by considering the following: price, availability, book buyback program, and students' thoughts about purchasing books.


Recently, e-books have emerged as a solution to many of the problems facing readers in printed books, such as their size, which makes it difficult to carry anywhere or small, etc. This spread has been greatly expanded in the techniques of presenting these books to the reader with many features. In this article we review the similarities and differences between the electronic and printed books, as well as the meaning of the e-book, which will help you understand the process of transforming each type into another.

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A paper book is a tangible book containing texts, pictures, etc., printed on paper. The pages are then grouped together and added either a hardcover or paperback. An eBook is a digital book that is formatted and formatted so that it can be read on electronic reading devices (computers, tablets, and mobile phones) using applications designed for that purpose. Many elements of the printed book are used in the e-book, such as cover, title page, copyright page, subject index, chapters, paragraphs, etc. So the printed book looks very much like an electronic book, but what are the differences?

The Most Important Difference Between Them

  • That the printed book has a fixed design so that once printed it cannot be changed anything in it, while the electronic book is characterized by flexible design is adjustable; most of the e-books have the feature of re-flow of text described below.
  • E-books do not contain pages as in the printed book, because the text of the e-book 'flows' to fit the size of the screen. Since they do not contain pages, there are no page numbers of course, so the reader will not be able to use page numbers as a way to browse or reference the topic index or glossary. As an alternative, the e-book contains a topic index with electronic reference links for chapters and / or sections of the book.
  • Images must be in line with the text and at the center of the page to ensure they can fit during playback. In addition, most electronic reading devices do not accept charts, tables and split text into columns, so they must be converted to images in advance.

Smash words in its e-book format guide has addressed several key points for e-book designer. In the e-book, you can control page layout; words appear exactly where you want them. But in the e-book, there is no «page» specific start and end, but there are many advantages in return! The page numbers are not fixed; the book will look different when viewed in each electronic reading device and electronic applications because it allows the user to modify the type and size of the font and the spaces between the lines. The logo in Smash Words is «Read your book in your own way» which means that the reader has the right to change the form of the book according to his taste even if it is very strange.

When you turn printed books into electronic, you are opening new horizons for the reader to enjoy reading. But you should know that the nature of the e-book is different from the print so do not try to make the e-book a replica of the printed, otherwise you will be frustrated when you find that the book became poorly coordinated and cannot be read.

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