The Differences and Similarities Between Science and Technology

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 Due to the rapid increase and complexity of the structure of society, many questions arose about when, how and why various components of the environment function the way it does. It was because of this inquisition, the phenomenon science was created, then not too long came technology. In order to understand the differences and similarities between science and technology, we must first understand what these two areas of study entails. Although science and technology are interrelated and interdependent, they can stand independently of each other. Science is about building theories that allow us to explain the behavior of things around us and to make predictions about their behavior under different circumstances. While, Technology can be defined as a set of tools and techniques for controlling and changing one’s environment.

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However different,they are very much similar and depend on each other for one another’s existence, and are very much interrelated.In addition, there is no particular order for their nature, since science influences technology as much as technology influences science. They are interrelated since the activity of one sparks the commencement of the other.During the Pre-dynastic Period Egyptian fishermen however realised that their food remained preserved once the innards have been removed, it was salted and then dried. The fishermen also grasped that human bodies decay due to the moist internal organs. As a result, Egyptians started experimenting with applying the same technique used for the preservation of food to the preservation of human remains.However, they did not yet uncover why this preservation occurred,it was due to the works of science, that they were able to uncover the answers surrounding mummification. We know now that the oils used in the mummification process had a number of anti-microbial properties that prevented the decomposition of the bodies covered in them. The priest and their helpers who were responsible for mummifying the bodies obviously knew that these oils would preserve the body but not why they did. 

However it was not until thousands of years after the discovery of microbes and their roles in the decomposition process , we were able to improve the technology to create an advanced level of preservation of the deceased known as embalming.In this chain of events we can see technology being the leading factor then follows science.

Science and technology differ considerably due to that fact that they have different areas of focus, their method of evaluation, its alteration, its use etc. Most simplistically, science is considered the act of gathering information about a particular area of study through various methods such as observation and experiments , while technology is considered as the practical application of the knowledge for various purposes, but those purposes are not always good. Which brings about another difference, its use. Science is more than likely to always be used to positively contribute to the lives of human beings since it really just is knowledge and after all knowledge is power ,however the same can not be said about technology.

 If technology is not applied and developed in the correct way, serious consequences can arise, such as destruction of property, loss of life and prolong lifetime health complications.Data have been presented concerning the incidence and death rate from leukemia for the years 1948, 1949 and 1950 in the populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, which were exposed to radiation effects of the atomic bombs exploded in 1945.The data show an increase in the incidence of leukemia in the total exposed populations compared with the total non-exposed populations of the two cities.This devastation was a direct cause of a nuclear bomb which was created with the aid of technological advancements and was developed by the United States and was maliciously used to attack Japan with the intention of causing harm.That is one such event which laid the foundation for detrimental advancement in technology such as weaponry like chemical warfare.

Concisely, a conclusion can be drawn that even though interrelated and interdependent, science and technology and indeed different, because we can evidently see that do not share the same principles.

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