The Digital World in Modern Education

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The digital world changed education, the digital world has changed every aspect of life today. In some ways, education seems much the same as it has been for many years. Digital world is caused by very modern day young generation getting more digital in their lives. A strong access to ICT and electronic gadgets in their daily lives because of easy access of ICT everywhere they go, it can be brought anywhere you go depending on the conditions of the place you are going for example: school or urgent meetings.

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Addiction is one of the vital issue of the digital world, it can decimate one’s health, relationships, communication and other key factors of daily life. However, the digital world can do good to many lives too, it is making lives easier for millions from using digital gadgets for example tracking footsteps, alarm clock, calendar, call with just one hand and a gadget that fits just well in your pocket. The digital world spreaded and still spreading to use them, encouraged by friends, family and news reports, making more and more people using them and making the digital world industry a huge money making business.

The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity which is most likely to be digital gadgets that time are being spent too much on and affecting many lives, relationships and communication. The developing digital world is holding people’s health ,physical and social skills back because people are too self conscious being unsatisfied of how they look or think, for example a girl is not fat but fit to many people but she saw celebrities with picture perfect body shapes on the internet and social media, so this will affect her psychologically, physically and socially to think that she isn’t fit but this will make her think that she is fatter than she think she is, this will lead to depression, anorexic and more physical problems even social anxiety.

The digital world changes how we think of each other and ourselves in a complete different way than we should. Digital development’s technology and digital gadget usage rises to its peak every day and to be more in the future, much more people using them even our grandparents and the elderly even our future children will be using them in schools provided by the government and parents to be used at school for study purposes. Digital development can affect as far as unemployment in the modern world, digital development will take our many jobs in the industry to work for business wageless pay to the machines and causes unemployment to millions or even billions of people in the future.

Potentially poverty and homeless percentage will rise significantly as time goes by every day, people will become less educated and jobless and low skilled workers will not be recognised in the modern world anymore. This problem will not just affect a country or region but this will definitely affect all parts of the world as a whole. The impact from unemployment to further health issues and leading to unhygienic habits to develop and many uncomfortable problems poverty cause in the long run if it continues it will only go bad and never good. It will affect students studies, the way they study and getting distracted by these digital gadgets, wasting more time and leading to mediocre results leading to more problems in the future.

Unemployment caused by digital development is a huge factor to workers that are low to mid skilled and will be on the borderline of getting their jobs taken away from their hands and from their achievements to get the job that they are happy to have. Health-wise, overusing one’s eye muscles for hours and hours a day or everyday that will lead to high power of the eye, starting to wear glasses to see better and clearer rather than their natural eye ability anymore. When it comes to relationships digital development will worsen it, because there will be lack of eye contact, communication, trust, doubt and more problems that will affect two people or more in their relationship quality status. Family communication as well, everyone in the family has their eyes down on the screen and not communicating in person or not looking to someone in their eyes direct and talking to them directly, family communication quality will be poor.

The age range of usage of digital gadgets are shockingly ridiculous. From toddler to kids to elderly most of them are using these digital goods on an almost every day day to day basis, hours spent on them are immense and the time that should be spent on other important agendas are vanished in thin air then giving excuses to others that question their actions on the time they spent it on to give them a ticket of forgiveness from others. Eyesight problems will rise significantly in the future even premature eyesight diseases with young adults and even young kids as well because of the amount of hours they invest into having their eyes stuck on the screen for hours and hours a day on an everyday basis. Radiation plays a huge responsibility on health from digital gadgets as well, causing many diseases, cancer, illness and issues to the human body from long term usage of digital gadgets and a high percentage of death rate per day and per year. The way to reduce and solve problems like this is to find the alternatives of phones for example such as books, newspaper articles and reports, notes, physical dictionaries.

Finally in conclusion, digital development does favour learning for students in a good way but there is the bad way as well such as causing distraction to students that are suppose to study for a test but spending five minutes on studying but ended up looking at their phone for the rest of the study time, which can cause poor results and affect their studying routine or their passion for studying. Employment rate might increase because it can be easier to find job opportunities online, finding jobs easier. Understanding and analyzing of the rise of digital usage yearly and the earliest age range can range up to about as less as one year old. People that do not use digital gadgets get tempted and persuaded to try out to use digital gadgets which will increase the usage of digital gadgets, it will spread to more and more people locally, nationally and potentially globally.

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