The Disadvantages of Consuming Low Nutritional Food


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Eat healthy, be Healthy

The power of junk food is very high. No one can stop himself without eating. After all it is a matter of hunger or our tongue wants to taste delicious food. But this delicious food means our stomach is not good. That means our ship is not good. It may cause health problems. Every child likes to eat junk food. Junk food means delicious food such as butter, cheese, oil, spices and many other foods from the point of view of children or children. Junk food causes bad breath and we pull it.

Junk means another way to blame it. Junk food is an integral part of modern pop culture. Taking more snacks can affect our digestive system. Sometimes snack costs are low, but you can indirectly increase hospital costs.

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This food has the ability to take hypnosis. Junk food hypnotizes people in the form of the smell of other dishes. The public is spending a lot of money on it. Junk food is popular in modern society. But if we eat, we have to face many health problems. Our lives are more precious than we are from God. Over-consumption of this junk food can lead to many illnesses, many health problems, and sometimes serious problems. The following are shortcomings of snack consumption.

Too much food can lead to weight gain, and obesity causes weight over 1,500 pounds. We increase the fat of our body and induce obesity. It makes people tired easily. Obesity makes people lazy and unhealthy. Ingestion of junk food can cause memory and learning problems. Brain-derived neurotrophic factors are suppressed by sugar and fat-rich foods. These factors are responsible for learning and memory formation. Synapse is a component of the brain that is responsible for learning and memory. When you eat or consume too much calories, you can bring disturbance of synaptic function or interfere with the production of healthy synapses.

This is one of the dangerous drawbacks of junk food consumption. The pancreas produces insulin and insulin helps transport glucose into the body. The brain also produces insulin, which transmits signals through nerve cells and memory. Too much fat food and sweets can increase insulin in our bodies. This may cause memory loss. Many snacks that eat sugar and fat change the chemistry of the brain. It makes it more dependent on such foods. Stress can occur due to the withdrawal of symptoms of depression, but these foods return comfortably to deal with these feelings. Too much snacking can cause depression due to lack of essential nutrients such as amino acid tryptophan.

The possibility of causing cavities comes from the rich eating habits such as sugar. Enamel, a protective coating on teeth, rotates teeth. When eating snacks with high sugar content such as soda, cake, baked goods and candy, we can cover our mouths, gums, tongue and teeth with sugar. This coated sugar attacks the enamel and damages the teeth and cavities. Snacks have little dietary fiber. We need conscious fibers to keep the intestinal movement. If the proportion of fibers is not the proper amount, it will be difficult to pass through the stool. Ingestion in large quantities may cause gastrointestinal disturbances. Many junk foods can cause diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke. The proportion of chronic diseases in children who regularly eat junk food is increasing. As the proportion of fast food consumed increases, cholesterol and heart disease can increase in later phases.

Eating junk food is not a problem, but eating regular junk food can cause a variety of diseases. Children like junk food, but everything has to stop. Today, generations are only interested in taste, but they are not interested in health. We want delicious and delicious food, but this food has many drawbacks. It is one of the best ways to keep the limits of our diet.

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