Quick Outlook on Disadvantages of Procrastination

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Quick Outlook On Disadvantages Of Procrastination

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The majority of people who are having a hard time in school are those individuals, who are struggling of disadvantages of procrastination. Which is a big misleading conflict to those people who cannot concentrate in school, but also struggle in balancing there daily life. Also not processing there outcomes in a positive manner way. Although victims affected with this negative lack symptom of procrastination struggle of being aware what is due the next day, not accomplishing assignments properly, and making their life’s so miserable. Also if he or she, still continue of procrastinating, and cannot realize; how Affective this outcome can disrupt individuals lives, such as lowering their self-esteem and having disadvantage of accomplishing their goals. With such amount of time people don’t take advantage of what is beneficial for their career goals .Despite the negative out-come, students need to be more aware of their actions more often; Because the more people continue to procrastinate he or she are distributing their life’s with lots of stress, yet are in the edge of jeopardizing there future. There for students need to compromise their state of mind of accomplishing their work properly, and on time without negative thoughts of not succeeding in life with the three common factors of; The Disadvantages of procrastination are Discomfort, lack of liability, and Bad work ethic.

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In this situation the first common disadvantages of procrastination is discomfort which is a big issue towards people that cannot contribute their work habit properly, yet have lots of misfortune thought of not doing what you want concur in life. Despite the negative thoughts of discomfort witch provokes lack of motivation, that keeps individual’s from achieving their goals, but also misplaces people out of place when individuals do not achieve their assignment, for it discomforts his or her exaptation of moving forward in life. Distressful feeling they get seeing other individual’s progress with good grades while they get discomfort grades that lowers their self-esteem. Besides that it provokes negative thoughts of not being capable of doing anything in life right and stalling negative thoughts that he or she are failures in life because of the miss comfort feeling of discomfort.

Also another discomfort of procrastination is lack of liability the most common disadvantage of failure. Witch could cause a serious negative impact in someone’s life if they continue to delay their liability of accomplishing work on time, Although the lack of liability is a big distraction of procrastination; because most common people lack in their liability of not being responsible of getting the job done in time , but also in a smart reliable way of doing it properly as assigned . Although it could also affect close friends or work groups depend and relay on your liability actions to accomplish the work on time. But if you let the lack of liability conscious get the better of you; the conflict could turn out into a big disaster that could make you lose your friends but also become unreliable yourself.

And finally the last disadvantage of procrastination is bad work ethic which means not being capable of doing the work properly. However, the effects of doing bad work ethic are doing the work in last minute with plenty of errors and some just simply give up and don’t even bother trying any more, of accomplishing the assignments. Most of those entire individual’s with bad work ethic, turn out not comprehending, bad work format, and lack of time management. And not doing so it causes stress and discomfort of not doing the work in urological order of completing the assignment step by step. Therefore bad work ethic is a bad misfortune habit there for individual’s need to start putting effort; because or else, he or she would not like to retake the course over and over again.

In my final consideration; I believe that discomfort, lack of liability, and bad work ethic are the most serious conflicts on disadvantage of procrastination! Which, I encourage victims, who are suffering of this negative disorder that provokes negative confident, lack of success, and lowers motivation. I advise individuals to overcome this lazy mentality, yet telling your-self “I can’t do it. I’ll do it later” put to say instead (“I choose to start this task with a small, imperfect step. I’ll feel terrific and have plenty of time for fun!.”) that illustrates to take it step by step, but also to manage your time wisely rather than stressing it out in the last hours .

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