The Discourse Around Whether Middle School Needs to Have Recess Time

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Have you ever asked yourself what is it like not having recess and how it is having it? People can look at this topic differently, and in many different ways. Depending if there the teachers, adults, students, and the community. In many states like New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Elementary schools are having to at least 20 minutes of recess each day. As well as in many states a lot of middle schools and elementary schools have recess. In other states, it's up to elementary schools that have recess and some don't even have it themselves. Do the parents really care if their child have recess at the middle school? This persuasive essay about recess time shows different arguments on why student need and must have a recess time.

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Students should have recess because yes it might be annoying for the teachers to take them out daily but, really no one knows how it affects them. It can be for exercise reasons stress reasons. Kids need at least one hour a day of being active. If students have recess each day and they play a sport with their friends, they can be motivated to play it at home and get exercise each day instead of being home sitting down and not doing anything. Many kids spend up to 5-8 hours of TV or electrical use. Instead they can be enjoying the nice sunny day outside. Many kids interact with school differently. Many need recess because it relaxes them from stress all day and them having to be sitting all day in school, and worrying about school work and there grades. Many don't go outside to play, some kids just need a break and some fresh air.

Another cause to this subject is people with emotional,physical, and mentally effects. Many kids can get affected by recess because in so many schools there is a lot of kids, but many have there own medical problems like low self esteem, anxiety, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and etc.

Inhaling fresh air helps clear your lungs and enables you to take deeper, longer breaths of air -- which increases the amount of oxygen that's transported to your body's cells.” Increased oxygen in your body translates to greater energy and clarity of mind. According to a group of studies published in a 2010 issue of the 'Journal of Environmental Psychology,' research participants reported feeling happier, healthier and more alive when they spent time in nature.” Many can stay in shape and by going outside and getting light, they won't have to pass through depression.

Another reason why I think middle school students should be let to have recess is because the fact that in many neighborhoods, counties, and states it's not safe to go outside. Depending if there parents don't trust theirthem going outside or there scared themselves. All the violence like drive bys during daylight, a lot of shootings, robberies, and murders. Like an example, not being bias but some of the ghetto places in milwaukee like the northside or southside but many kids live in homes in there areas and they probably don't feel safe. I have background knowledge about this topic because a friend's kids of my mom whenever there wants to go out their parents have to take them to a park because of the dangerous reasons. But what can the kids do about it? So schools should let kids go out because they probably don’t know there story. Probably many kids are bored or failing because they can’t go out.

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