The Discrimination and Racism in Huckleberry Finn

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Realistic critics considered the movement of American literature that represents human life and literary experience. Also, the reader can easily visualize events and personalities and link them together. Mark Twain talks about events and beliefs in his community as he describes the actions and morals of the main character in a way that explains the story’s connection to reality. In addition, the author chooses characters from the middle or lower social classes who suffer in their lives and who have regular experiences. Therefore, the author uses in writing realism regular and simple terms and does not include poetry writings. In this story, the writer uses the first person style such as we and I to easily communicate with the writer’s surroundings and culture. (Mohammed, 2015) says “Huck`s life changes with abrupt appearance of his lazy and helpless father, he was a terrible man.In spite of the fact that Huck succeeds in preventing his dad from obtaining the money he earned. However, Pap takes Huck to be under his consideration. But Huck runs”. The events of the story say that there is a young boy named Huck who lives with his father who is addicted to alcohol and who beats him every day for getting money, but Huck escapes from his father`s home. Twain reveals a set of points related to his community life such as freedom, racism, discrimination, inequality, religion and greed. (Mark Twain, 1995) mentions that Huck thinks individuals would consider him a down and out Abolitionist and disdain him for keeping mum however that do not have no effect”. So Huck focuses on slavery a lot and thinks that people might refer to him as the supporters of slavery because he is against it, but he chooses to meet this challenge and intends to help his friends Jim and Tom.

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The writer gives the main characters, Tom and Huck, the features of the real characters, two boys who have friendship and live together. Both of them represent a period of adolescence in a tendency to get into trouble. (Adventures of Huckleburry Finn, 2020) “at the point when he was ten foot off Tom murmured to me, and needed to attach him to the tree for no particular reason. In any case, I said no; he may wake and make an aggravation, and afterward they`d discover I warn`t in (18P). So here the writer explains that Tom is the one who causes the risks and who always wants to be malicious and he also exposes Huck to the pressure to do whatever he wants. So, Tom has the ability to take responsibility and therefore he represents an adult person.

The writer uses the method of (public talk) to display the story dialogue, so we note that there are no poetic writings, but rather a normal dialogue between people. In addition to, general terms that help the reader understand the events of the story quickly and easily. (Mark Twain, 2017), adds “Yes. You already know that one-laigged n***** dat belongs to antique misto brandish? Nicely, he sot up a financial institution, en say every person dat put in a dollar would git fo’ bucks mo’ at de en’ er de 12 months”. The writer refers to Jim’s teaching as he lacks the ability to pronounce some words correctly. Mark’s use of this dialect is smart because it shows the shape of the dialect in that time period. For example, he uses the word n ​​which is not used now or its use has become very little. Furthermore, Mark uses this common speech to show the story dialogue as the way people used to be at that time.

The writer describes Hack’s personality as an intelligent boy, but due to inequality and the injustice of his father, he could not get much education. Huck also overshadows the meaning of slavery as the world treats blacks as slaves to them, for example his black-skinned friend Jim when he was sold as a slave to the Phillips farm. But because of the idea of ​​slavery that reigns in Huck society, this encourages him to ignore religion and the customs of society and to seek freedom. Huck escapes from his father’s house who beats him in order to get money and buy alcohol. As well, escape Huck presents his search for freedom. Also, the Duke and King force Huck and his friend Tom to steal the property of the rich English brothers only for money. Therefore, this exposes people’s greed and the pursuit of money. In addition to that, Huck shows the discrimination when he and Tom sit on the rafts in the Mississippi River while the King and the Duke stay in a huge ship. Huck talks about racism in his reality because the whites choose black-skinned people as slaves to them. So, we find that Huck`s adventures with his community cover a range of issues related to realism.

Mark Twain has the ability to describe Huck`s Society and his life in a clear way and relate it to realism because he has previous experiences such as the Steamboat Pilot and remembers the sunset he first saw when he was on the boat. Mark Twain puts a description of the scene on the first pages of the story. (Mark Twain, 2018) ,” the main thing to see, turning away over the water, was a sort of dull line – that was the forested areas on the other side; you were unable to make nothing else out; at that point a pale spot in the sky; at that point more whiteness spreading around; at that point the stream mellowed away off, and warn’t dark any more, yet dim; you could see minimal dim spots floating along far away-exchanging scows”. So, the writer relies on his past experiences to tell Hack’s events and adventures and relate them to realism. Also, the characters are usually from the middle or lower social classes who face challenges and have regular experiences in their life.

In conclusion, realism is completely a literary movement that represents human life and literary experiences. Mark uses characters from the middle or lower social classes and links them to the characteristics of real characters. The author also mentions places of reality, such as the Mississippi River. In addition, the general speaking style makes it easy for the reader to relate the story’s events directly to reality. The author also builds on his previous experiences writing this story. Moreover, Twain conveys a host of issues related to his society at the time, racism, discrimination, the search for freedom, greed, and inequality.    

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