The Discussion and the Outcomes of an Interview with a Science Teacher

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Essay on Interview reflection

An interview with a science teacher was a lovely experience. The interview was face to face, and it covered question such as the number of classes the teacher handle, requirements for teaching various classes, the amount of time allocated to each class-work, special outdoor and indoor curricula, special requirements for curriculum and equipment needed. The interview was as well directed toward technologies that are used in school, legal requirements when teaching, diversity in the classroom, and implementation cost of teaching, attitude and believe in the school and development programmes for staff members. This paper is, therefore, a reflection of the interview with a view of giving more detail a discussion and outcomes of the interview.

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The science teacher handles about four classes on a daily basis which are third grade, fourth grade and fifth grade. There was only one science teacher for elementary kids, and this called for professional development to include biology, magnetic and electricity teacher to foster good practice and skills. In a normal class, she focuses on mathematics, reading, writing and social studies or science. Six hours are allocated for teaching time per day because kinder-garden science is not complex.

Besides, there is a garden for outdoor classes which kids visit at the end of every grade to study. Plants in school garden are left to grow in summer then students study them when they come back from summer holiday. They probably enjoy watching flowers and fruits to make them appreciate the importance of vegetation in surrounding environment. Special indoor facilities are laboratories which were built to accommodate a lot of students. However, this causes commotion since different classes can go for an experiment at same time yet laboratory is not partitioned. Main equipment in the laboratory are an animal such as fish and insects that are purchased from various stakeholders. Consumable material like balloon and cardboard are fundamental in teaching lower grade science and social studies. Special legal requirements are not well documented save for safety measure when dangerous chemical and small particles are used in chemistry and biology practical. Kids enjoy technology deployment in classrooms entailing laptops, i-pads, radio reviews and microscopes. There are six laptops and two i-pads used alternating in different grades for chemistry application and radio review help in elementary comprehension.

The school experiences the diversity of students in classrooms. International students whose parents are doing research are greatest beneficiaries as percentages of English learners increase. Students also attend seminaries and the previous year, sixty-three countries were represented in the school. Moreover, socio-economic diversity is evident in which kids who live across the street and those living in city apartments interact freely and comfortably. Science does not exploit cultural, ethnic and social backgrounds in study although students get the opportunity to exploit their way of understanding to learn and teach others.

Further, implementation cost for teacher achievement is varied with professional teachers that have attained Masters Degree earning more salary compared to ordinary teachers. Attitude and beliefs also vary as some students and teachers have a negative perception towards science. Elementary teachers are thought to be well conversant with technical subjects such as global science and this call for systemic changes in schools to foster in professional development programmes for staff members.

Lastly, on reflecting on the interview, it is worth noting that elementary education system has evolved drastically due to advance in technology and professional teaching who handle interview questions precisely and jovially making interviews informative and fun engage in. My elaborate questions gave me an upper hand to learn a variety of knowledge in teaching career and acted as an appetizer for more breathtaking and marvelous interviews such as the one I had.

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