The Discussion of Marijuana: Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

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The discussion of marijuana has been a common topic throughout media. There is constant discussion as to whether or not it should be allowed. All of these questions are taken into account by the state every day. There is a big gap between the views of people on this issue. Many people think it ought to be, some think it ought not to be, and others think it ought to be with some application shifts. There is no question when you look at the benefits that marijuana should be legal across the country. There are much more positive things that might result from it being legal.

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The first argument to legalize marijuana is because it is due the legality of other certain substances. Weed is one of a few illicit drugs that are not too dangerous. Most hard drugs like painkillers, morphine, and methamphetamine are very dangerous substances for your wellbeing and potentially even for your future. Marijuana should not be included as these substances in the same classification. It should be in the beer, cigarettes, and even sugar group. Marijuana is more commonly associated with these medications than with hard drugs. It is also clear that a person who is marijuana is more harmful to alcohol and tobacco. Yet sugar can be deemed more dangerous than cannabis in many aspects of health. Marijuana is a drug that is much safer than alcohol and more likely to overdose. Nevertheless, most are unable to grasp that cannabis is not legal and liquor is legal. Like all other drugs deemed to be in the same class as cannabis, marijuana should have equal regulatory regulations. It is necessary to change the rule.

The next argument for legalizing marijuana is that it would keep children off the streets and away from more harmful drugs. In many cases, dealers who sell hard drugs as well could sell marijuana. Hence, if cannabis is legal and marketed in the right way in a supermarket, it would help children stay away from other substances that traffickers have to sell. It would also stop children from entering the drug trafficking business. They would have fewer motives for selling to their friends and others. If the rule were to be updated and sold in stores, it would stop children from selling everything together. It would be much less profitable to be a supplier and it could deter most drug dealers and clean up the streets. Marijuana will be marketed in any form, so it could be legally sold as well. If the law was modified and legally sold, it would keep children out of trouble and make it more difficult to be a drug dealer.

Another very good reason for legalizing marijuana is how much our government could save money, and perhaps even make money out of it. Marijuana is very difficult financially in our justice system. If the policy was changed and legalized it could be taxed and used for funding from the government. It was researched and many studies have shown that marijuana may produce really good income. Legal marijuana cannot only help make money; it can also support the justice system a great deal. More than 750,000 people are arrested every year for cannabis. If you think about the level of danger of marijuana, this number is crazy. For something that does not directly harm anyone else, 750,000 people are arrested. Such criminals also need to be charged by police, but they also have to compensate for each individual case. Another way the justice system could be helped is by opening up prison spots. Consumers of cannabis take up a lot of prison space that could be used for far more serious offenders. All in all, legalizing marijuana could greatly assist the justice system, and the policy should be immediately changed.

People's health and comfort should be the government's main concern. Marijuana has many positive attributes that in everyday life can help people. This drug could be used by many Americans suffering from ailing symptoms. Marijuana may be used to help with pain, nausea, spasticity, and other symptoms that are simply not cured by normal drugs. It could also be a great way for people to rest on a normal basis. The symptoms of marijuana are very mild and easy to deal with for the most part. When using this medication, individuals are not very much uncontrollable or in a state of risk. Marijuana is a drug that can easily build tolerance and better manage the symptoms. I don't understand why it shouldn't be legalized if people can handle the symptoms and use the drug properly. Many Americans are going to tell you the symptoms are far more positive than negative.

All in all, it is necessary to legalize marijuana and change the policy immediately. It's too good to come out of this changed policy not to do it. A lot of people agree with a change in policy and the government needs to do the same. Marijuana will actually support the people in many ways to make this country stronger. Health is, of course, a major government concern, and that's why they might hesitate to legalize it. Nonetheless, as studies show, there are few health risks and some positive health variables that could lead to cannabis. Another explanation why the law needs to be changed now is how much legal marijuana will improve the government funding and justice system. Keeping children off the road and drug dealers from trafficking to minors is also more indication of how badly the current policy is being followed. Legal marijuana may help to spread hard drugs to the wrong people. It will also hold down the number of drug dealers and the quantity of legitimate stores. All in all, if it were to be legalized, marijuana would do much more positive than negative. It is necessary to change the policy that prevents the legalization of marijuana at once. Legal marijuana can be of assistance. The government needs to see these details as soon as possible to amend the marijuana policy.

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