The Divine Temple of Our Heart

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The divine temple site was constructed by the eminent King of the early nineteenth century Lingarajendra in the early 1820s. Being one among the prime worshipping sites of the nation, the notable temple is built with all the devotion for the beloved Hindu lord, the almighty Shiva. With a rich history and a lot of belief, the temple site is one among the prime places to visit in Coorg.


With a huge dome placed over four sturdy pillars, the structure of the sacred Shiva temple resembles the ancient building style of European Gothic structures. The temple’s structure also reminds of the intricate Islamic styles of buildings as well which make it quite a pleasing temple structure in itself. The rare materials like the Panchaloha used in rods and bars of the inner building make the site unique and therefore even more attractive in itself.

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The legends believe that a King named Likgarajendra constructed the sacred temple. As per the advice of some of the respected men with wisdom, the King decided to establish the temple to honour lord Shiva in order to relieve himself of the heavy burden of haunting guilt of killing a Brahmin as a bait to his desperate ambitions. The Shiva-lingam installed within the temple premises was especially brought over from the holy land of Kashi. The temple is named after the name given to that holy Shiva-lingam itself Om (meaning Everything) kar(meaning Creator) eshwar(meaning God) which leads to the meaning of Omkareshwar being Lord is the creator of everything.


One notable part of the temple is the renowned ancient Shiva-lingam which was brought right from the sacred land of Kashi by the King himself. Like any other temple of the almighty Shiva, the most celebrated period of this sacred temple is the Maha Shivratri. Devotees from across the world visit the temple site to pay their devotion to the almighty Shiva. The temple premises is gorgeously decorated while the ambiance is flooded with the emotions of faith and belief. Another major attraction among the devotees is feeding the innumerable little fishes in the sacred tank of holy waters built right opposite the temple site. It is believed to earn the feeders a lot of Punya (meaning good deeds). Apart from the spiritual attractions, the notably detailed paintings on the sacred walls of the temple are prime attractions. The distinct entrance of the holy site welcomes you with an ancient inscription of the history of the site carved on a plate of pure copper which tourists find quite interesting.

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