The Divorce Proceedings of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

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Captain Jack Sparrow, the bandit of pirates of the Caribbean, won again and again with Davy Jones. But he is struggling to cope with a downfall in personal life. Captain Jack Sparrow, alias Johnny Depp, did not find peace even after divorce. Former wife Ambar had played dummies with her honor. The Hollywood star has filed a defamation case against him for allegedly filing a false allegation of torture.

In December last year, Amber wrote an article in Hard ‘Washington Post’. There he comes up to be the victim of the former husband’s persecution. Junkie has sued the former wife by issuing the matter. In the lawsuit, it has been said that Miss Hard wrote a star as a persecutor in his writings. There he claimed that he had to face trouble with sexual violence,

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On the other hand, Depp’s lawyer said, though the name of the deed was not mentioned anywhere in the writing. But in the article he described his persecution at home. Without Johnny Depp, who would torture him?

In the case of Johnny Depp, he complained of false allegations against him and tried to get the sympathy of the people and to pursue his career. On the contrary, Amba himself attacked on Johnny. Johnny claimed that two police officers had accused Ambar’s allegations as false. Other than this, the camera footage has cleared the subject matter more clearly.

The events that took place in the life of these two Hollywood stars took place on 21 May of 2016. Amber said, Johnny took his hand. A neighbor of Johnny said that they were standing very close and they were making a heated exchange. On the other hand, two police officers said that on May 21, they had seen Amber very well. They did not see any injury marks on him. Johnny’s house supervisor said that some videos were recovered from a camera in the house. There he saw Whipney Hard of Amber, his sister Amber Hard’s throat slap.

Rather, there is a charge against former wife Johnny Depp Amber once threw a glass of vodka and threw Johnny on He had hit the finger while trying to stop the glass with his hand. In 2016, Los Angeles had its own wedding ceremony in Hollywood, starring Johnny Depp and Amber Hard. After that Johnny is another concert on Bahamas Island. Their identities in the ‘Rama Punch’ photo set in 2011. After 16 months of domestic violence, the two stars were separated after the separation.

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