The Dream Career of Cultural Ambassador

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The Dream Career Of Cultural Ambassador

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Since childhood, up to now itself, I had many dreams about my future career. Once a doctor, then an engineer, so on. While growing up physically as well as spiritually I thought that I would do something which suits me the best. Not to impress others but to impress myself by my own.

However my family impressed me to learn foreign languages, later on for my O/L s and even for my A/L s I had good grades for languages. I can write, speak and understand French well so I thought I could get a use from my knowledge. So after my A/L s I joined to do a diploma in “International relations” and some language classes too. However my inner goal was to join in to an Embassy as well to become an Ambassador.

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I prefer to join an embassy first then to become an ambassador step by step, since it’s really hard and least amount of people could qualified for the position, since they are the government’s highest ranking diplomats, so I want to represent the country. All ambassadors officially represent the U.S. government on behalf of the president in treaty negotiations, immigration discussions, foreign aid projects and humanitarian aid programs. Ambassadors supervise and lead all Foreign Service employees in the country where they work. So being an ambassador I can represent my country as a delegate in the world and keep foreign affairs positively on behalf of the country. Being an ambassador is not easy. Since there’s only 9% of female representation till now on the post of ambassador. For that I have to fulfill many requirements and lots of qualifications.

First I have to pursuit a degree and be specialize in it. Majorly considered a political science or international relations. hence I’m following LLB and then I hope to continue doing LLM as well. Being able to speak, write and understand other languages are a must. Public speaking and leadership qualities are plus points. Knowing and being aware about what’s happening in the world is also important to be an ambassador. As my first step I should get minimum three years’ experience of working in an embassy. So there are multiple positions to get work with:

  • Passport and visa service officer
  • Economic and trade officer
  • Translation positions
  • etc

I always love this career because ambassadors are sent abroad to represent their country. They’re the government’s highest ranking diplomats. They live at the American embassy in the country to which they’re assigned…. This is why ambassadors are also known as chiefs of mission.

As Educational qualifications required to an ambassador are bachelor’s degree specialized in political science or international relations. I should supplement these studies with undergraduate and postgraduate fellowships, and conferences centering on foreign policy matters. As I’m following LLB at the moment I will be able to complete my degree by 2023 / 24 hopefully. So while applying to my LLM, I’m planning to do a another degree or a diploma in international relations. It will depend on the required qualification I will be asking for the exact embassy. It’s benifiticial since the Council on American Ambassadors offers undergraduate fellowships on international relations. Not only the educational qualifications, but the working experiences also required to this post. Extensive work credits in the field of foreign services are vital for an ambassador. Required working experiences for the post are:

  • An internship or post as a Foreign Service Officer (FSO), for example, consular, economic, political and public diplomacy officers prepares you for future careers in foreign relations such as ambassadorship.
  • (need to be at least 21 years old and less than 60 years to qualify as an eligible candidate for a post as a FSO)

As other requirements for an ambassador are:

  • Communication skills
  • Initiative and leadership qualities
  • etc

I feel like I might have those communication skills since I’ve being a MUNER for 3 years and followed a small program in toastmasters. It’s really hard to join an embassy even, so I can imagine how hard it is to become an ambassador. But I’m trying y very best to reach my goad since it is my biggest goal in my life. First I am trying my best to join an embassy however so after having some years of working experiences I could try my best to start reaching my goal.

As an ambassador I have the responsibility to protect and promote the country’s interest. I could negotiate trade and other agreements with the host country. And protect the legal interests of civilians traveling abroad. An ambassador directs the government employees, Foreign Service officers and representatives the agencies, but not military personnel. So as this I can contribute my service of being an ambassador to the country as a highest ranking representative delegate in the country.

Though most ambassadors serve in specific countries, some have different responsibilities. The ambassador to the United Nations represents. As one of the permanent members of the Security Council. The ambassador also works to force administrative changes and eliminate corruption. Still others serve at-large with worldwide responsibilities. Ambassadors-at-large for counterterrorism, religious freedom and to monitor and combat trafficking are just several of the special-interest ambassadors who work to promote freedom and other values.

There are a lots of benefits of being an ambassador. Ambassadors enjoy many perks and benefits that come with their appointment. Ambassadors have paid staff, free housing, bodyguards, and an automobile and driver and can enjoy travel and cultural experience. To build personal connections with the host country, ambassadors entertain frequently. Salaries are scaled to meet the education and experience of the ambassador, and accompanied with free housing and an expense account. Other benefits include federal health care and retirement plans. Additionally, diplomatic immunity protects the ambassador from an inadvertent legal faux pas.

I’m really glad that I’ve chosen this career to represent my country and continue keeping positive foreign relationships as a real sri Lankan and work for my country as a foreign respective delegate to represent my country.

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