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The Drivers Of My Desire to Get a Degree in Biomedical Science

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In a recent talk I bared witness to, the age we are in was perfectly described as a “medical industrial revolution”. The intricacy of life and its processes provides a stark contrast to the reality of the industrial revolution. However, the speed and innovation of modern medicine is comparable to that of the industrial revolution. Medicine is now in the age of greatest change where the intricacies of life are being adapted and refined to aid in not only sustaining but reconstructing the forms of life that were previously undiscovered.

The work of influential scientists such as Watson and Crick formed the basis of our knowledge which while still remaining true to these original principles, we are now able to build upon. Therefore it only seems right to take advantage of my passion for biology and cultivate it in the field of biomedical science. Taking biology at a level affirmed my passion. It is a subject that allows me to be critical in the way I think and thereby explore deeper into the curriculum. Not taking something for its face value is always important as there is always more to delve into. As a result of my studies in Psychology and Geography, I am competent in the interpretation and understanding of scientific data in all contexts. Reading the Biological Sciences Review magazines has allowed me to explore the living world around me and think about where my passion lies. The field of molecular and cell biology serves as great interest to me. Learning of the processes that form the basis of life is not only fascinating but what I find more compelling is the fact that now as a result of our intelligence we have the ability to control the functioning of these processes. This is where I want to apply my skills to help in this effort to combat horrible diseases such as cancer and AIDS.

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A degree in biomedical science is a perfect opportunity for me to cultivate my passion for biology beyond sixth form. The prospect of meeting new, like-minded people, developing my interpersonal skills and scientific thinking excites me. My decision to pursue a career in research and development was affirmed when I recently completed work experience at Roche Pharmaceuticals. It was valuable in providing me an insight into the pharmaceutical industry and the drug development process, truly demonstrating how much work is required. Working in a small team we developed a marketing campaign to raise awareness for a haemophilia drug. Team work was vital in delivering the success of our campaign, the combined efforts of us all ensued confidence in every member.

At university, a supportive culture is prominent where the backing of tutors, academics, and peers is ever present. This community extends to every member and to prospectus students like myself it is a huge reason why university is so appealing. Having a part-time job at Debenhams has been valuable in building my confidence. Being my first job, it was tough at first and I made mistakes. But I capitalised on these in order to build on myself in a positive way. Dealing with and understanding customers requires a great deal of patience, during my studies, there will be times where I don’t understand but patience is what will make the outcome of a situation like that positive. I recently raised over £250 for a local youth wellbeing charity completing a 5K race, an extremely fulfilling experience. I have also been very fortunate to travel the world, from the frozen glaciers of Iceland to the rural villages of Cambodia, these have forged memories and experiences that will stay with me forever. By opening my eyes to other cultures I am keen to explore more and hope to incorporate this at university by taking my year in industry abroad, widening my horizons to a different way of life.

Undertaking the study of Biomedical Sciences at university will allow me to explore the area that I love, expand my knowledge and understanding, and provide me with a career path with which I can use my skills to contribute to science in a positive way, helping those who are most vulnerable in society.


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