The Driving Force Behind European Imperialism in Africa

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In the late 1800s, Europeans took over Africa, took their resources,  enslaved the Africans, and changed the course of history. European didn’t know how to imperialism against different countries around the world until they finally managed by reinforcing their security and making their technology more efficient. Imperialism began in the 1870s, people needed to seek how people could expand their rule over the countries and their territories. The people included their economics, religious motives, and many more. Imperialism started in Africa but also went towards Asia and the Middle East. The driving force behind the European imperialism in Africa uses Economics, Method (The technology used to help people), and Political/Nationalism to expand their way of life to people around the world. Imperialism had several driving forces behind it including its Economics, Methods, and Political however, the most important cause of imperialism was the nation’s power over the lands.

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One of the driving forces behind European imperialism was Economics because it overpowered the resources and sold good, ideas when being imported and exported which was in Africa and many more countries. Document E showed a data table of Great Britain and South Saharan Africa between the years 1854-1900, to see how large the number would increase over the years. These bits help drive imperialism because it shows what impact the world when shipping resources to Africa, and letting Africa ship the style that they made to be brought to other countries.

A second driving force behind European imperialism is Methods/Justification, while the Industrial revolution with Social Darwinism was fitter than the Africans were and stronger to survive. to show the evidence is found in Document F by what Kipling was saying towards White Man’s burden explains a primary cause of European imperialism in Africa by how to see ow the imports and the exports caused them to lose resources and then grain them back up. For economics they had better security towards the Europeans during the imperialism, so Europeans took advantage of their technology to make their resources from Africa.

The primary driving force behind European imperialism was Political/Nationalism by peace and hope towards the people, It looks like Libya and Egypt were the strongest positions to block them from building a railroad between the county to Europe. The people wanted to block all the bad people out to make it be Nationality. was the most important force behind imperialism because Europe probably was not okay with Africa letting their people to Europe, and Africa was probably giving European goods, and ideas.

In conclusion. Although other forces were behind European imperialism in Africa in the 19th century like technology, resources, and the Rupee, the three most important forces were political power, national pride, and economic reasons. To expand their way of life to share different resources and it wasn’t far that their land was being taken over all of the power of the nation. 

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