The Dynamics of the Science Fair

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I would suggest a student could increase his or her school's involvement in supporting science fair-related competitions by recognizing the student who won. In many schools, they recognize athletes like in pep rallies, even they announce them. However, many schools like ours recognized anythings, like sports or academic. My school believes that education is first and sports second. I have never felt discouraged from pursuing my interest. As soon as I have an idea in mind, I will try to pursue it. Many influencers have motivated me to pursue my interests.

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Robbie didn't get into college even though he is an intelligent person. I think that Robbie wasn't accepted because he wasn't doing the work and he was failing mostly all of his classes. I can use Robbie as an influencer and role model to develop my interest because Robbie didn't stop pursuing his ideas. Even though he was not smart on paper, he made a difference in the community with his AI designs. I can learn or develop my unique interest outside of school by finding what you love the most in the world or pick an interesting topic.

Anjali was very snobby. She was confident, but it was too much. People should be optimistic about themselves and others. People who complement one another, it gains a confidence boost of that person. I think that education and sports gave people confidence. It feels like you've achieved something remarkable.

The passion or interest that I could turn into a project is that people are starving around. Many countries have been suffering from poverty. My hometown is close to poverty. I see many people living in the street, eating from the garbage, and no education lifestyle. The resources that I could use to develop this project is that people shouldn't waste food. With countries that are in poverty line, the government is not doing anything.

With Myllena and Gabriel, they were born in Brazil, where they don't have enough resources to conduct the project. Even though with this problem, they didn't stop pursuing their ideas. Their determination to succeed despite limited resources has inspired me by not giving up and shows that it is possible with little sources.

Dr. McCalla emphasizes the importance of a cogent and confident verbal presentation because when you are clear and logical, the audience might be interested in the idea. Without persuasion, the display will be dull and not as fun. In a presentation, most people would not want to present to everybody. It is because they don't have enough confidence in the topic or themselves. People that have a confident verbal presentation show that they are willing to talk about their subject positively. The project or product must be present to obtain success because sharing that one idea can change the world. Also, it might help the future or the past.

The project that I found interesting is Kashfia's project. It is because she notices that everyone in her school have a behavioral problem. Kashfia's device shows that brain waves happening inside the brain. It is either from stress or peer pressure. I found Myllena and Gabriel's project is the most important. They research the Zika virus, which is a deadly disease, and it is hard to cure it. Especially where these partners live, they have limited resources. The project that I thought was fun is Ivo's project. He used his childhood love of planes and turned it into a project. He was having fun when he was testing the aircraft with his father.

In my wildest dreams, my biggest accomplishment would be owning my company with many employees. I have always dreamed about owning a company with many people that have the same motivation as me about helping others out in the community. This company would help people in poverty situations. It also includes homeless people. I would help them find jobs that fit their personality and passion. In my past, I have seen many kids that drop out of school in order helping out around the house. I think without the education of these children, they will create more trouble. I believe that most student that have a rough year in school or even family, they will turn out to be successful in life.

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