The Ecological Impact of Industrial Revolution

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The industrial revolution was a major turning point in our earth’s ecology and today’s environment. The whole thing originally began in the 18th century. They first started discussing it in Great Britain before it started to leak out and get spread all around the world. Once it started the world saw a huge impact in population along with increases in living standards. The use of different chemicals and gases cause a big problem with air pollution,and also lowered the chance of getting natural resources such as fossil fuels. This changed the aspect of almost every human life and also their lifestyles.

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All of this was because machines started to replace human hands on labor which caused fumes to be put into the air and oil to be dropped into the ground.

Therefore the policy and the improvement of new technologies cause air pollution from manufacturers in England. This has been greatly decreased since it was at its worst.

Today we live in a world that has been shaped by the forces of industry. We live in a society that has come to a bad place an with a big value on the consumption of material goods. However the environmental cost of this kind of culture is not always able to be seen. To produce any kind of good or anything us americans want there is a long chain of processes that has to be made for when considering the environmental cost of anything that we want/need.

So in todays time we can see that it has usually taken some time before we can really realize the specific damage that certain technologies can cause to our air,water,food which affects our health. This means that there is often a big amount of damage done before any type of signe can catch up and show us we is being affected. Some may say we have a successful track record of identifying certain problems in our earth and eventually we can cut down or stop the impact of industry pollution on the environment.

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