The Effect and Efforts of Wien Tourismus on Overall Branding of Vienna


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This paper looks at the effect and efforts of Wien Tourismus on overall branding of Vienna and how it is executed throughout the marketing. An alternative or additional marketing plan to the existing one is proposed at the end of the paper based on the findings of the research done by the group.


Tourism is very important in various countries of the world, it is no longer limited to Entertainment and travel, but are increasingly associated with economic growth Cultural and social activities and the environment, which is now one of the economic activities Mission for inclusive development, and attracting investment in public service projects Infrastructure, and source of increased income.

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Tourism marketing has developed significantly to promote and improve the tourism sector, services, products and programs. Marketing is an important stage in the tourism production process between the two parties: the tourist and place.

Wien Tourismus

One of the most important goals of the Tourism Board is to guide the development of tourism and ensure the efficiency of the institutional framework and develop its potential to meet the requirements of a modern and effective tourism sector on a global level and support and guide efforts to promote Jordanian tourism locally and globally. The aim of the Tourism Council is to protect visitors by ensuring the quality of tourism services and products, developing tourism products and services, stimulating investment and the labor market, as well as promoting sustainable tourism, environmental conservation and community development.

Vienna, is Austria’s largest city, is also the capital of Vienna. It is called Vienna, with the Latin name “Vindopuna”, which means “beautiful breeze” or “beautiful air.” The population is about 1.7 million.

There are many beautiful classical sights and sights in Vienna, ranging from old buildings, museums, palaces and even places to rest and dining. Therefore, you will need at least two days to explore the beauty of this city. Vienna is a tourist destination favored by many people, as one of the oldest cities in Europe, in addition to its high cultural value. Below are the best tourist attractions in Vienna that you should visit.

Vienna is also famous for its many museums and palaces, with more than 27 castles and 170 palaces, as well as many famous cafes such as Stevens Square and the pedestrian street, as well as some important landmarks such as the Parliament, the Town Hall and the University of Vienna.

Austria is characterized by uneven terrain, covered by many mountains, making it difficult to predict the weather in some cases. In general, the summer is characterized by warmth and heavy rain from time to time for a short period, and usually the winter is fairly cold, However, Austria is one of the areas that can be visited at any time of the year, depending on the activities that the tourist wishes to do, whether it is summer or winter.

The summer season of 2016 from May to October recorded a record number of arrivals since 1993, with 22.9 million tourists and 72.9 million overnight stays. This is the indication that the State of Austria one of the most important and the most beautiful European destinations.

Vienna is known for its green meadows, clear lakes and large mountain peaks covered with snow.

What role does Wien Tourismus play for the city in terms of tourism?

The Ministry of Wien Tourisms aims at increasing tourism, marketing the country’s economic production, enhancing the image of tourism in Vienna, increasing demand for incoming tourism, improving and diversifying tourism products, developing products and establishing new tourist routes.

The Vienna Ministry of Tourism provides a number of information centers that provide services to visitors which facilitates their access to information and services.

The Tourist Information Centres of the Vienna Tourist Board play a vital role by providing a guide that contains addresses and details of tourist services such as museums, attractions and map centres, one of the services provided by the Ministry of Tourism to tourists. Wien Tourismus also provides special booklets and maps to guide tourists and travellers and guide them in archaeological, historical, natural, museums and places of tourist interest. It also explains and gives historical and archaeological information and explanations about these sites and country.

In addition, it aims to increase the annual income from the tourist sectors, as well as the benefit of local organizations as an individual or as a community of this main economic income and preserve the nature of the Austrian environment, its monuments, customs and traditions. It is also responsible for supporting tourism growth and activating the tourism movement in Austria.

The chairman of the Tourist Board is responsible for the budget and he is responsible for other issues. The Tourism Board consists of the official, deputies and other members (131 people, mostly women). The Vienna Tourism Board also provides accommodation services for the tourist through the “Vienna Hotels and Information”.

The means of social communication and media have become the greatest tools at present to promote any work. There is also the Vienna Media House, which is responsible for uploading images that attract the attention of tourists and to put up new topics and talks about tourism destinations in Vienna.

The department of market management promotes the position of Vienna in the international travel industry. Teams travel around the world throughout the year to attend exhibitions and trade shows.

Also, in the Tourist Board there is the “Brand Management and Marketing” department which emphasizes the importance of a successful marketing plan to provide the appropriate services for the tourists coming to Vienna to see its landmarks and to know its history. The most important tourist marketing goals in Vienna are:

  • Tourist satisfaction: The main objective of applying the principles of marketing in the provision of tourism services is to satisfy the tourists coming to Vienna. The tourists will receive the appropriate services at competitive prices in a timely and satisfactory manner. Well suited to the expectations and tastes of tourists. Tourists view tourism services as a range of benefits; they choose those services that offer them the best benefits for the price they pay and the services that bring them the greatest satisfaction possible.
  • Optimal utilization of resources: The estimation of the expectations of tourists makes it possible for the company to manage the resources and supply of tourism in accordance with demand. This requires control of waste and damage. Tourism companies in Vienna are also seeking to maximize resources by making good use of the resources available to them while providing them with flexibility so that they can cope with the needs of tourism demand. Appreciation of customer expectations makes it possible for companies to manage the resources and supply of tourism commensurate with demand. This reduces the lack of exploitation of available resources.
  • Making profits: This is a long-term goal, where the economy is in operation and expansion of the size of the market, and gives a good image of the tourism institution, all necessary to make profits. Therefore, this tourist institution must work according to the plans of the organization so that tourists continue to use their services without interruption, and this continuation undoubtedly helps to achieve profits.
  • Improving the mental image: The goal of tourism marketing is to help the institution to bring a clear picture of the tourist area, which is a factor in the creation or elimination of impressions of tourists in the target markets.
  • Superiority to competition: Competition has become more intense. Marketing practices facilitate an appropriate strategy. The objectives of the companies are achieved by helping the marketing decisions. The company often succeeds in making its tourism services in the leading position. It is difficult for competitors to enter or compete in tourist markets. In addition, companies are showing interest in outperforming and dominating the market. Therefore, marketing based on proper assessment of the needs and expectations of tourists makes it easy to organize the activities and of tourism companies accordingly.

Vienna’s brand Identity

New brand identity for Vienna Brand identity for any city is key when marketing it to consumers. This is the way a destination seeks to present itself and what values are presented in its marketing and business practices. Norbert Kettner, the director of Wien Tourismus, presented the renovated international brand identity of Vienna at the Vienna Tourismus conference on October 18, 2016 Kettner stated that “Vienna offers the experiences of major world capitals, without the stress factors associated with a major world capital”. Kettner sums up Vienna’s identity as a tourist destination in five parts and in this part the paper looks at Vienna’s brand identity based on these factors and analyses how effective Wien Tourismus has been in building it.

Logo and slogan: logical progression

The new logo of Wien Tourismus has “NOW, FOREVER” written on it to create a sense of timelessness of Vienna. This is meant to capture the essence of Vienna’s slogan “a moment of pleasure that lasts forever”. Placed in between the words there is a gem. This is to hint at the idea of Vienna being a cultural gem among other European cities. In the logo and all the promotional material, the main color is red. This creates a subconscious idea of sacredness and sense of pride. As stated by Kettner the new logo and slogan are “a logical progression of the Vienna tourism brand, which is already firmly anchored in the travelling public’s consciousness”. The new logo let the tourists to see the how uniqueness that is the Vienna brand. This rebranding of the logo was meant to “capture the notion of Vienna’s brand identity in words and provide a central theme” In this rebranding Wien Tourismus is also being transparent in the target audience Vienna is trying to attract and by doing so attracting new tourists who may not have seen Vienna as a viable option for cultural exploration.

Visual universe puts people first. There is a clear focus on the what type of customer Vienna is wanting to attract in its promotional material. Wien Tourismus has chosen to tell stories in the commercials instead of just pretty pictures of the surroundings. This choice emphasizes Vienna’s want to be seen as a destination to create stories and memories to last a life time. The promotional material shows how people are enjoying the moment. This is achieved not only in singular photos, but all the photos together create a story of Vienna and the life lived in it.

Neuromarketing provides foundation for content

Kettner confirmed that the Tourismus foundation “wants to constantly assure the premium status of the Vienna brand and endow it with greater emotional meaning”. This is important because emotions are the main reason why people choose what destination to visit. The subconscious plays a big part when consumers are making decisions and thus ensuring Vienna’s place as a memory building city with “great emotional meaning” in people’s minds is an excellent way to market it. The Wien Tourismus have chosen the Limbic neuromarketing approach as a beginning to start with, in Collaboration with Munich Nymphenburg Group. To efficiently change and upgrade the strategic approach Vienna had to find out who the new core customers is for this renewed brand of emotion. By doing this Wien Tourismus can get the full advantages the latest in neuromarketing can offer. The limbic neuromarketing offers an insight to the consumers mind and conduct. Using the latest information given by psychology and human behavior research neuromarketing combines fields of study to create an overview of what are consumers looking for consciously and unconsciously. This overview then should be implemented in the look and even sounds of promotional materials.

Vienna Assets: the city strengths providing the thematic constant in brand communications:

In 2009 the attraction of travellers was connected into four elements that could make Vienna one of the top cities in the tough competitive market. These elements provided the structure for the Wien Tourismus advertising line. Those elements are now called “Vienna Assets”. These strengths of the city were identified in the relaunch event as “Imperial Heritage”, “Music and cultural attraction”, “Culinary cultural” and “Green Vienna”. These elements remain the core of the city image. “The contemporary Livable Capital asset builds on the previous idea functioning, and encapsulates various aspects including Vienna’s status as the city with highest quality of living in the world”. As well as diversity, nightlife and shopping. All these assets are combined into the Wien Tourismus advertising line.

From “must-see destination” to “destination of desire”

Kettner visions the development of the Vienna city brand as an evolution rather than revolution. Kettner explained that “Since 2009 we have been using the (Now or Never) slogan to convince an audience that was considering coming to Vienna at some point to come immediately, and positioning Vienna as a must-see destination. And now we are going a step further by targeting emotional level to kindle desire in our customers minds. On top of that, we are also driving internalization forward”. Looking back five years ago conforms that the city has been successful in this area so far.


In this paper the group looked at Wien Tourismus and the brand identity the board has created for the city of Vienna. Based on these looks a short marketing plan was made. From the analysis of these the paper tries to give a comprehensive look into Vienna’s marketing as a destination. What was found out was that the brand identity is not yet perfect nor is it perfectly implemented yet. This is understandable as it has only been in practice since 2016. Some growing pains are to be expected especially as the brand has been built on quite abstract ideas of creating memories and going more for the experience tourism route.

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