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The Effect Of Certain Food On People With Diabetes

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Diabetes is found in 371 million people globally and the reason for their diabetes varies between either stress, too much sugar intake or they were born with it. This does not change the fact that their daily lives are different to ours, those who have diabetes have to follow a strict diet but that depends if they are stage 1 or stage 2 diabetic. The symptoms of being diabetic are frequent toilet visits, extreme thirst, feeling more tired than usual, loss of weight, genital itching or thrush, cuts and wounds take longer to heal and blurred vision. These are all signs of someone being diabetic. There are different kinds of diabetics’ type 1 and type, type 1 diabetes accurse in adults and children when the pancreas cells are damaged or unable to make insulin.

Type 2 diabetes is related to lifestyle, it develops in the body when the body does not make enough insulin or is unable to use insulin. People who suffer from diabetes are more susceptible to blindness, kidney disease, nerve disease it coronary heart disease such as heart attacks or strokes. Symptoms for a type 1 diabetic include loss of weigh, excessive thirst or hunger, the need to urinate more often, low energy levels and digestive problems. When conducting a survey on those who have diabetes and those who don’t and how many symptoms they could list without help a majority of the people could only list 3 out of all symptoms each type has diabetes.

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The importance for a diabetic to maintain their diet is mainly so they don’t put themselves into a diabetic coma but also the fact that is will be better for their health if they follow a strict diet. It is best for diabetics to eat both soluble and insoluble fibre to improve carbohydrate metabolism and lower the total cholesterol level. Fruits are hard to pick for a diabetic as many as many fruits have a high fructose levels which will be converted into sucrose and thus adding to the insulin levels.

The fruits that effect the glucose levels the most are watermelon, mangos, grapes and citrus fruits. Most people who were surveys were diagnosed with diabetes at the ages of 10-19 years old and the number of diabetics who were surveys that eat sweets were 24 out of 30 people. The number of diabetics who actually eat healthy is 26 out of 30 people the majority of diabetics will choose a healthier food option in relation to fast food or take outs as these are contributing factors towards their glucose levels.

They choose to eat healthier as it has less of a risk factor towards their health in the long run. When I diabetic eats any carbohydrate for example pasta this converts to starch which in turn converts to glucose which will have a major impact towards their glucose levels, certain foods can majorly effect the sugar levels of diabetics this is the main reason as to why most diabetics stick to a strict diet but depending on the severity of their diabetes some diabetics can be more lenient with their dietary restrictions for one depending on what type of diabetes you have depends on if your allowed to eat sweets in moderations.

When conducting the survey, the results showed that the food that effects that affect them mainly consist of carbohydrates and confectionaries, this goes to show that even though diabetics can eat food like others who don’t suffer from diabetes it still has negative impacts on the due to their body not being able to produce insulin. When facing insulin levels that are too high or too low most diabetics with feel a headache, tired, thirsty, irritable, the need for the toilet, hungry, feeling sickly, lethargy, blurred vision, numbing of finger tips, cramping in the legs, disorientation, sweating, shaking and nausea. Most diabetics will face these as a warning sign that either they need to take insulin, or they need to raise their glucose levels, these signs are dangerous and to know whether its high or low glucose levels the diabetic has to conduct a glucose test to see their current glucose levels. The diet that each diabetic keeps to can affect their glucose levels after a workout depending on the amount of carbohydrates and sugars they intake beforehand can affect their glucose levels the amount of time they work out can also affect their glucose levels.

The foods that effect diabetics most consist of:

  • Fruits
  • Carbohydrates
  • Starchy foods
  • Energy drinks
  • Alcohol
  • Juice
  • Sauces
  • Sugar.

For type 2 diabetics they are not allowed to touch the foods listed above and are very restricted with their diets as they could put themselves in a comma due to high glucose levels. Type 1 are not allowed to eat certain foods, but this does not limit their food choices as long as they watch their glucoses levels they should be safe, it is advised to keep watch over a diabetic’s diet in case you notice irregularities then you can stop them from putting themselves in harmful way.

The diets of diabetics are set by the diabetic clinic or by a dietitian as they are unaware of what can be detrimental towards their health such as sweets, fruits and even rice can cause fluctuations in their glucose. Diabetics have to be extremely careful of the food in which the consume as the slightest mistake it could cost them their lives. Diabetics are at great risks every time of the day as even the slightest cut or injury can be severe and threaten their health. Diabetics tend to heal slower than non-diabetics as their bodies glucose over time affect their nerves and lead to poor blood circulation making it hard for blood which is needed to repair tissue to reach the harmed area of the body’s thus leading to their slow healing rate.

The biggest risk for diabetics is the fact that their cravings for some foods are stronger than the average for example diabetics crazy sweets more than others and will crave alcohol as well, they will also crave foods with high fibre such as beans – this can lower glucose levels and to diabetics is extremely dangerous the opposite can be said about high protein foods as this risks their entire life just by consuming food. Foods which diabetics should avoid consist of nachos, coffee drinks, battered fish, biscuits, cinnamon rolls and deep fired food. While cinnamon can actually help diabetics because it is considered and all spice and has healing properties for the stomach and aids digestion. Definite foods to avoid as a diabetic would be honey, caramel, fudge, syrup, chocolate spread and any fatty food this even includes the small traces of fat found in biltong, the small amount of fat found in the daily diet has to be reduced as it could help cause heart attacks or strokes.

Diabetics are more susceptible to contracting diseases and this because their boy takes longer to heal that others leaving them exposed to harmful bacteria when a severe wound accurse. When a diabetic gets injured it’s best to treat them immediately and if the wound seems bad then it is recommended they are taken to hospital for immediate care as it is life threatening.


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