The Effect of Colostrum on Immune System


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Colostrum is the special form of milk that mammals create for the first few days after giving birth. It contains essential vitamins, minerals and protective materials for survival. The purpose of colostrum is to provide all of the valuable nutrition and antibodies for a new born to come into the world strong with a “super boost”. On a genetic level, this process was developed to ensure and protect the survival of the species.

When a newborn consumes colostrum it brings their immune system. This includes things like proteins, amino acids, antibodies, healthy carbohydrates and leukocytes. Leukocytes are white blood cells. A newborn does not have a well developed immune system to protect itself from things like viruses or bacterium. So leukocytes act as a “front line attack” against anything that may harm the new born or make them sick. Not long ago it was discovered that the colostrum produced by the females is much more than what the new born actually needs. The new born only needs an initial dose to bring their system up to speed. The reason that more is produced to to make sure that the new life gets at least one dosage of it to make sure that it starts off strong. Anything beyond what the new born uses just goes to waste since that’s what it was created for. As long as the new born gets what it needs, all else is extra. So that answers the ethical question of whether or not to use it.

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Cancer forms when DNA and/or proteins become damaged and replicate. Colostrum has the ability to help repair damage and prevent cancer from forming. The side effects of colostrum are rare and minimal if any. The most common one is to initially feel “bogged down” after first taking it. When it supercharges the body, the body begins to process a lot of the bad material that has built up. Similar to how the body feels during a first detox.

The reason that bovine ‘cow’ colostrum is used is that it is so genetically close to ours that our bodies can use it. Rather than just milking them for a beverage, a very valuable supplement can be obtained when new cows are birthed and only after the baby cow has received what it needs. So for adults to use colostrum, it can act as a supplement to deal with specific issues as Indian Ayurveda has used it for centuries. Long before penicillin was discovered, doctors used it as a antibiotic since it is one of nature’s most powerful ones. Think of it as a battery charge. Normally humans only get one charge at birth, but what if we could get multiple charges throughout our life to benefit our immune system and fight diseases. Hundreds of studies have been done to reveal the true benefits of cow colostrum and researchers are fascinated with their findings. IgF-1 is a growth factor that is naturally found in this super food. As we grow older we produce less of this and it turns out that we use it to metabolize fat. So in combination with a natural lifestyle this could be used to our advantage.

One study was done regarding colostrum and auto immune diseases which revealed that it has the ability to regulate the immune system to a normal level. Auto immune diseases are caused when the body’s immune response over reacts and actually attacks the body by mistakenly thinking that certain bodily processes are an attack on the body itself. So it attacks those processes in response. So whether the immune system is too strong or too weak colostrum can help bring it to a natural state.

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