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The effect of political culture on civic engagement in Texas

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Increased civil engagement by the citizens in the 18-29 age group in Texas can make a change in the politics of Texas. But low civic engagement is not mainly a millennial issue; it is problem of young person. Interestingly, even though millennial voter turnout numbers are lesser than previous young generations. Online voter registration might be one example of a means to grasp the younger age group. I also contemplate that civic education and training is very significant — not just training people to learn realities about the three branches of government, but also training people on how to effectively contribute in politics and get involved in their community. Texas is behind and far slowing the times when it comes to voter registration. We still do not have Online Voter Registration. In states with Online Voter Registration there have been no reported security breaches. It is well past time for Texas to update and modernize its voter registration structure.

If the barrier is there are not sufficient voting locations and people are not easily reachable, one needs to contact county government in this respect. If one has a population that is unreasonably affected by voter ID laws, then that is a state subject. Your officials will listen to you more if you are talking on something that rightly influence the community they represent.

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Political culture has a substantial influence on the growth of the nation as well as local communities. Texas is one of the states with a different political culture that has a significant effect on the worldview of the local population and policies conducted in the state. Texas has an extensive influence on the national politics of the US because it is one of the main states that opens the way for local politicians to enter federal political elite.

One of the distinct features of the Texas political culture is the dominance of one political party. Within the last thirty years, the Republican Party, which is related with traditionalist policies and conservative philosophy, has held control over the state’s politics. Furthermore, the Democrats can gain support from minority groups mainly in East Texas and South Texas and from some urban voters. The dominant position of the Republican Party is the distinct feature of the traditionalistic political culture and Texas maintains this trend for decades.

Moreover, a different feature of Texas political life is the low voter turnout that is a typical of the traditionalistic political culture. Voters’ turnout remains stable and, more important, voters tend to have the similar political likings and do not change them much for decades. In the case of Texas, this trend is very strong since the state government traditionally evades direct intrusions into the economic life of the state.

Texas turns out to be in the opposition to the political government and stands for the larger opportunity for exercising the principle of people sovereignty in Texas. Texans and local politicians stand on the ground of the supremacy of people sovereignty over the authority of the federal government. Similarly, Texans have a strong opposition to current health care reform, which contradicts to their principles and beliefs.

Additionally, Texas politicians and the public keep a robust trust in individual initiative. They put it prior to the government regulation. Instead, they trust that the government should just simplify the individual initiative by means of non-interference and liberalization of the legislation to let individuals to enforce their initiatives effectively.

In a nut shell to make a difference in Texas politics the shift of traditionalistic and individualistic political cultures to moralistic type should be enforced with letter and spirit. The moralistic political culture holds society to be more important than an individual. The moralistic political culture tends to develop a positive view on the government and states with this type of culture view the government as a positive force that often leads to the wider government interference into economy and wider government regulations concerning economic, social and other aspects of the state life. States with the moralistic political culture stand on the ground of serving the community as their priority even at expense of individual interests.


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