The Effect of Snoring on Marriage and Social Life


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At night, you take the decision of going to bed after some time, you are awoken finding it difficult to return back to sleep simply because the person sleeping beside you is snoring. So for this reason you attempt a gentle push and even take a new approach which is kicking the person sleeping beside you. You might even squeeze their nose to get it closed for some minutes in order to prevent them from snoring.

For a moment, it calms down and when you start to sleep, it begins and you are up again. It can be embarrassing living with someone who snores. But when it comes to snoring and the marital bed, there is a huge link that shows that it can be detrimental or even deadly for your marriage.

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Why? This is because most people are forced to change their sleeping position by finding another convenient place to sleep. And as time goes on, the couple begins to break apart and the bond of intimacy between the couple becomes detached. What are the causes of snoring? Snoring is a serious which has been found to be caused by many factors. Snoring is an indication that your respiratory tract has been partially obstructed. The sound is produced as the flow of air causes the tissue in the back of the throat to vibrate. Sound can be emitted through the nose, mouth, and or the two. Complaints about snoring among couple are common and can exert significant consequences for each member of the couple as well as their relationship as a whole.

Sleep is very important to our cognitive functioning, our physical health and our mental health. In the event that sleep is interrupted, it can lead to change judgment, decision making, learning, and general cognitive functioning. Beyond this, it can hinder our mood and lead to irritability, anxiety, and even depression. Regarding our relationship, snoring often provokes profound bitterness among partners, which can weaken their feelings toward others and affect their common life and their sexual life.

How to handle snoring complaints in couples

So what can couples do in order to prevent snoring from causing harm to their marriage, their leaving together and their sex life? There are many factors that you should keep in mind some of the factors are listed below:

  1. A partner who snores (the partner most affected by snoring) should consider the problem as a serious problem that needs to be solved.
  2. The partner who snores must agree to seek medical assistance and go to the Sleeping Clinic, despite the inconvenience that follows this procedure.
  3. A partner who snores should not express a clear gratitude to the efforts of his partner to solve the problem (after making such efforts) even if he asks his partner to do it for a while. In other words, provide a snorer credit for establishing an action after doing so.
  4. Couples who do not have small children at home can look at powerful beeswax earplugs (the beehives must be very loud because these earplugs do a great job of closing loud noises, such as snoring – however, care must be taken as you can still hear alarm clocks or smoke detectors.
  5. Put white noise machine into consideration. The machine can often even out the snores of light-snorers.

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