The Effect Of Society On A Person’s Body Image

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In the current society, our bodies and physical attributes are increasingly under scrutiny with the judgments getting harsher. The body and society compare to each other in a way that ensures everyone in the planet is unique and different. Based on that, someone’s body image can get reflected in either a positive or negative way depending on the numerous circumstances influencing the issue such as the media and personal opinion.

One of the existent arguments is how the body and society perceptions reflect through the lens of the populace. With regards to that, we would discuss the correlation between the body and society. The conversation would focus on opinions related to body image and the reasons that bring about such sentiments. An individual’s body can suggest many of the widespread beliefs and stereotypes. The best way to evaluate such arguments is reviewing your own personal body image and how the society relates to it. From a personal viewpoint, one’s body establishes the most distinct factor and can be used to describe someone not only on a physical level but also a personal level too. An example of how people connect to body image is if someone has a more athletic body, it tends to boost their confidence as compared to that one who is less fit. What is more, people with body images that do not fit societal expectations tend to feel less important and unwanted. Thus, it results to self-esteem issues and mental problems arising from the pressure that subdue them. Besides that, society and body image forms a wide range and encompasses aspects such as skin color and condition, and height. People with conditions such as acnes are widely viewed as challenged since the society in form of the media widely publicizes clear skin as the most appropriate and acceptable. Treatments of skin conditions are always on repeat in every form of media which largely affect consumers of the information. Also, skin color influences people’s view on how they regards different races. An example is how an African-American is viewed in the Western society. When a white woman is walking and approached by a black man, she might fear as compared to someone of Asian descent or a white man. The society has made people to believe and generalized blacks are harmful which is far from the truth. With reference to that, the issue of body image and society is relatable on personal level. How people relate to me is influenced by predefined attributes that have made them significantly judgmental.

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My body type is athletic and well built, my skin color is dark, and I often dress in a thawb due to my religious background. The issue has made me feel less comfortable and unwanted due to societal marginalization and the prevalent labeling that is associated with my dress code. When walking around, everyone looks at me in a suspicious way which makes me question myself wondering what could be the problem. Even when faced with a challenge that requires some form of assistance, there are always delays as I have to be thoroughly scrutinized. The situation worsens when I have to face humiliation when receiving similar treatment as compared to others. There is no way one could challenge the existent structure as it would aggravate the matter since people have fully internalized the beliefs, therefore, it is difficult to convince them otherwise.

My body structure to some extent provides the much needed relief as I feel normal knowing that I conform to the society’s expectations. Apart from the internal fears brought about by my dress code, there is some level of confidence within me that provides the needed boost to face each day. Despite there being some level of positivity, the intensity of negativity is more than expected. My dress code makes me perceived as being a terrorist. The media has associated Islam and all its related aspects as being harmful necessitating a need for people to ensure their safety. A small segment of wrongdoers cannot be used to generalize and condemn an entire population. The number of times law enforcement officers have used my body image as a basis of their attack points to the deep-rooted societal disparities. The existent shame and disgrace is inconsiderate as the society does not take time to reflect on the impact of the actions. When using public facilities, what is evident is how people try to avoid my presence regardless of my harmless nature.

Time and again, majority of people would resist an attempt to greet them while others would have a suspicious and doubtful look. Furthermore, my complexion complicates and worsens the matter. Dark people are viewed by the society as being less of humans due to the many negative aspects linked to them. A majority of societal problems such as theft, killings and drug trafficking are linked to them explaining the high level of marginalization. They are constantly under scrutiny from diverse spheres which burdens them and makes their lives miserable. The circumstances are relatable which leads to stigmatization and lowering of self-worth. Also, we are viewed as being of lesser contribution to humanity which forms a basis for the propagation and progression of the oppression. Putting that into context, the stereotypes arise from the role the mass media plays. In films, talk shows, and documentaries, what is evident is the role that body image plays and how people relate to the message conveyed. An example is how films depict the Islam faith and its entirety. Most of the times people who dress like them are depicted as enemies who are always being pursued for possible elimination. Furthermore, each time they are on the wrong side as law enforcers trail them. The images send a deep message that validates existent prejudices through creating an image on their significance and the need to put things under control.

Similarly, the situation is repeated in talk shows where the host asks biased questions to the guests instead of focusing on the main theme. What’s more, famous personalities are glorified based on their physical appearances. Those with athletic bodies are deemed acceptable while those who are not within the norm are castigated. The contradiction serves well in swaying people’s opinion and influencing their thought process. In most cases, what is depicted is unrealistic and impossible to achieve. People end up suffering for no reason since they believe everything the media conveys without questioning the certainty. Comparable to other categorization, black people go through similar experience advanced by the media.

Considering that, the media plays a leading role in shaping people’s stances due to its widespread reach. In conclusion, the body and society are two intertwined aspects. In the current world, peoples’ appearances are a major contributing factor to how they are perceived and treated. Therefore, we cannot escape the state of affair since its deeply entrenched in the society. Nonetheless, the state affair seems to be getting out of control as physical attributes have overtaken internal capabilities. What is more, they are used to stigmatize and marginalize unwanted individuals in an unfair way. Therefore, it is crucial to strike a balance to avoid dire consequences.


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