The Effects and Role of Media Violence

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“Reality is distorted. If you live in a fictional world, then the fictional world becomes your reality.” – Emanuel Tanay.

This statement encapsulates why media violence would play such a big part in our society these days. According to Nielsen Company, the average watch time on videos is approximately 5 hour for an typical American every day. Nearly two thirds of TV contains some form of physical violence and most self-involving game will contain violence even for those meant for children.

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Consistent viewing of violent media are associated with antisocial behaviours, ranging from imitative violence against toys by children or criminal violence by youths and adults. As youths learn imitation, they will sometimes become perpetuators of violence in their later life.

There are different ways medial violence affect youths. Imitations of violence and crimes are thought to be because of the media coverage of violence glamourizing the behaviours leading to copy cat cases.

One examples of these cases are the imitation of the movie “A clockwork orange” where teens were spotted dressing up as the protagonist, Alex and his friends. The movie was about a sociopath who robs, rapes, and assaults innocent people for his own amusement.

Repeated exposure to violent might raise levels of adrenaline more generally and increased adrenaline takes place after films will lead viewers to react inappropriately in subsequent situations.

I’ve spent most of my childhood with my cousins, which were mostly teenage boys at that time, hanging out at our grandparents’ house. During those days, we will watch movies and shows to pass times and whenever there is a action film or shows, the boys would get rowdy. I always remembered we would all role play characters in the x-men and so on after watching the movies running around the house. I fondly remembered this one time where one of my cousin got too aggressive and pushed his own brother and had his head banged against the wall which to bleeding and more argument, adults have to intervene and both got scolded badly. WWE being as big as it was last time did not help too as my grandfather had many empty rooms with just huge bed, and obviously boy will be boys, we often held wrestling match on the bed. Grappling and slamming each other day in day out for fun just because we watched a few grown men on television act like they were fighting because we could not tell the difference between acting and actual fighting. Luckily for us, we had to stop for a different reason, because we actually broke a bed and no one got seriously hurt during this shenanigan.

This research suggests that violent media can cause aggressive behaviour in those children and this behaviour can be a problem in the future. Youths should have their watch time controlled by adults and be refrained from consuming too much violent media repeatedly.  

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