The Effects of Bad Prison Organization and Types of Violence in Prisons

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Table of Contents

  • Instrumental Violence
  • Expressive Violence
  • Self-harm

Prisons provide circumstances that are formulas for aggressive behavior. The circumstances can be overcrowding, inadequate training of the staff, extreme solitary confinement, mentally ill patients being mistreated, rules that cause family connections to deteriorate, a culture of bad behavior between workers and prisoners, and wardens not being held accountable.

Bad prison organization can be an adding aspect in many circumstances of jail and prison violence. In prisons and jails that are managed poorly, drugs can be distributed. Prisoners who achieve admittance to illegal drugs may misuse them, causing situations of violence because of drug trading gone wrong or a poor response to the drugs.

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In odder circumstances, smuggled cell phones can permit for the inmates to have outside communication, some of which can request to bring injury to other inmates.

When an assembly of violent people, who already have little self-discipline, is isolated in a cramped place, violence occurs. Some inmates come into a prison or jail with destructive inclinations. The prison or jail can surge their underlying interior anger. An absence of workers being trained or not being experienced also has an outcome of inmate aggression. Badly armed workers can have distress cooperating with prisoners or replying to them professionally. Inmates are frequently disgraced and have life-threatening force put on them.

There are no justifications that can be made in for an officer to protect these actions, except if their life was put into danger. Applying these uncalled-for actions practically can cause hostility between the inmates/prisoners and workers.

Sexual assault is common in prisons and jails which another form of violence. If an inmate participates in sexually doings, they most often become a mark for unwelcome sexual attention. The solution to evading sexual misconduct and violence in jails and prisons is for inmates to be to their selves, get involved in good behavior, and coincide good inside the jail and prison culture. This advice is proven to aid them but will not ensure safety. Causes for prison and jail violence can comprise of gang-related actions. Gangs are existing inside jails and prisons and contain alliances and groups that have established both outside and inside of prison and jail walls. There are also different types of acts of violence in prisons jails.

Instrumental Violence

Intentional; it is calculated, planned out, and then executed. Statistically mostly committed by men, this act mostly creates control can be defensible and efficient for the convicted people by generating admiration from their peers. Naturally, living in jail and prison includes creating power and force, which is why instrumental violence can be so most often used.

Expressive Violence

Impulsive outbreak most commonly committed by females. In this method, the aggressor acts out abruptly because of a powerful emotional state of threat, terror, rage or hatred, with the outcome of the abrupt spring into the act. It can be decided that expressive violence is a more reactive occurrence that happens when the committer feels motivated or endangered, contrasting to instrumental violence where things are cautiously arranged and motivated by revenge.


A mainly psychological action. Many individuals that get condemned to prison or jail a lot of the time experience or start to get psychological illnesses such as anxiety and depression and require psychiatric care. Because of their influences such as their environment, the severe behavior they get from the workers and inmates, and their penalizing period, suicide and self-harm rates are known to be very high.

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