The Effects of Birth Control on Your Health

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Physical Effects
  • Mental Effects
  • Not as Strong
  • Conclusion


When my mom found out there was a boy in my life she pushed me to be put on birth control and thought it was good but it affected me in many ways. Women don’t really see what its doing to them until it affects them worse. When looking at the negative and positive effects of birth control on women it affects women more negatively.

Physical Effects

Women don’t have that much knowledge on birth control but so many negative medical impacts happen because of it. Women are getting sick because of the chemicals that are inside of it and how it is made. The hormones in birth control can cause nausea and and the chemicals in it are irritating the stomach lining and the higher of the chemicals the more that people will feel nauseous. Women are having vagianl bleeding thats not healthy for the body to be good with reacting to it. The blood is very dark and it is heavy flowing and it can stay for a long time or it just comes when you do not expect it. Women are having breast problems like tenderness inside of them. Birth control affects your breasts in many ways you can get breast cancer from taking it or using it but it only affects some people in that way. Many women did not know all the many medical ways birth control really affects them.

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Mental Effects

Birth control affects women mentally not only physically. Many women get suicidal thoughts so women get very depressed to where they can not control their thoughts. Women when they get suicidal they from the birth control they feel like they are not worth as much as they are they think that the body is not as good as it really is. Women when they get suicidal they from the birth control they feel like they are not worth as much as they are they think that the body is not as good as it really is. The birth control can make women lose the appetite they used to have and they can go anorexic. Women’s bodies are very sensitive to many things but birth control affects them more food makes them think that it is something bad for their body. Women feel like they do not need food or water they just do not want their body to be healthy. It changes women’s attitude and it can make them go crazy. Women can be in a good mood and then one minute it can just flip and then they will be in a horrible or depressed mood.

Not as Strong

Even though birth control is supposed to prevent pregnancies there is always some percent you can end up pregnant. When condoms are used when women are on birth control men and women don’t realize that a condom is not as strong as everyone thinks it is. Condoms are supposed to help women not wind up pregnant so the condoms are supposed to be strong but there can always be a problem with it. Many people like to tamper with things that are not there’s like as a joke but the stuff turns into something very serious and can affect many people’s lives. Many men and women won’t use any protection and will raleigh on birth control to protect eggs from getting furtal.


Teenage women aren’t knowledgeable to know all the negative side effects birth control can do to them. On the good hand of birth control teenage women get told by doctors the things they think is true about what birth control does like what teenagers already know. “Birth control can help prevent pregnancy. It can also help with menstrual cramps, heavy menstrual flow, and acne” (Canadian Paediatric Society 1). Most teens think that will birth control it will help with all the cramps, bleeding, and the acne but doctors don’t tell them about the negative effects it does on them. In reality birth control affects us by making us have dizziness and headaches to the point where we can’t do anything. Having and headache and being dizzy will us not want to go to school or work or get anything done that we need to get done. Some types of birth control can give us uterine cancer and it would be a long-term thing. The long-term cancer can last 20 years or longer depending on your body and hormones. These are the manys ways that birth control affects women negatively.

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