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Sociology is the scientific study of society and human behavior. It is a way of understanding of how humans interact with each other, how society influences behavior patterns and how all of these things function as a whole. It is also the way a society evolves (“Learn the Importance of Sociology and Know How it Affects You”, 2018). These things play into my field of study, my future career, and my personal life in a number of different ways. I am currently working hard to achieve my Associate’s Degree from Independence University in Graphic Design. Sociology plays a key role in this field. As a graphic designer, I am going to have to be able to identify target audiences, sell to them as well as create new campaigns for companies in order to broaden their already existing customer base.

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I feel as though an understanding of how human behavior influences people will help me achieve a great campaign ad or an eye-catching logo for my future clients. If I do not have an understanding of sociology then I may not pick the right elements to convey the message I am trying to convey to the target audience thus, missing the mark of what my client was ultimately trying to achieve. Employers are continuously seeking people that posses “transferrable skills. ” They want to hire people who have the skillset and knowledge can be applied to an array of different ways and will devote those skills to complete a number of tasks (Little, n. d. ). Studying sociology can help me achieve more transferable skills in order to land my dream job of being a Graphic Designer at a major company in my area. By having the ability to read, collect and analyze data based on basic questions I ask my potential clients I can have a better knowledge of knowing exactly what they are looking for. Sociology will also help me know the importance of people’s social, economic and cultural backgrounds in order to design for the specific target market based on my client’s request. Sociology not only plays an important role in my future career but, also my personal life.

The way it impacts my personal life is being a mother I have to not only look after the well being of my children at home but the effects that society plays on my children not only while they are attending school but while they are in public as well. The societal changes that have occurred over the last several years are counterproductive to raising young children. I must take into account the behavioral patterns and how society influences my children to keep them safe and be sure that they grow up to be productive members of society. I feel as though taking sociology will not only help me grow as a future graphic designer but also as a member of society. I will be able to learn how to ease interactions with future clients and close the gap between socially formed roadblocks (Crossman, 2017. I will also learn more about some of the social issues surrounding our society and hopefully be a better member of the group by finding ways to solve the problems. In conclusion, by starting my journey in this sociology class I feel as though I am starting to have a better grasp of the society that surrounds my professional, social and personal life. The things that I am beginning to learn are making me see the things that go on around me, and the things that people are doing around me in a different light than I ever looked at before. I hope this class is able to shed more light on society as a whole and help me to continue to grow into a more productive member of society.

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