The Effects of Technology: How Technology Has Improved Our Lives

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The effect that technology has on our lives has made a drastic change among the last couple of decades. Whether it is an improvement or controlling will be a wide variable amongst the multitude of people who may desire the properties of a PC, Phone, Gaming system, etc… The approach such technological advancements might take to control you could be just a simple phone to the apex of a PC. An article from The business insider displays that over 420 million people are addicted to the internet. While Technology may be controlling it can also aid us in various ways. It had made getting ahold of people effortless and even sparked interest in a surplus of jobs. Esports has opened a myriad of jobs for gamers. The over 1 billion dollar company recently hosted a tournament for a notorious game “fortnite” where the number one player won three million dollars, and that winner was only 16.

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Whilst technology may be extravagant to an extent it still has downsides. According to a new report by a national accounting and consulting firm 38% of U.S. jobs are at a high risk of being replaced by robots and artificial intelligence. A report by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that between 1990 and 2007, automation lowered both the number of jobs available and the amount those jobs paid. Even Stephen Hawking had negative things to say towards technology, including things such as “Automation has destroyed the traditional way of manufacturing and will continue to expand”.

In The automation Paradox the author's main point is that the robots are extremely helpful and will better us.The Author in heads up Humans might think that, with technology becoming such a standard in our lives and shows studies of us being controlled by our devices even today. A study from the U.S. Census Bureau showed that as a whole, Paralegals and legal support workers grew faster than labor force, adding over 50,000 jobs since 2000. Automation reduces the cost of a product or a service, and lower prices tend to attract more customers. Technology is an endless paradox of opportunities for humans, the potential it has is beyond fathomable

I think technology is an extravagant entity. I am a very hard gamer, after basketball going home and hopping straight on my computer there's nothing I could love more. Though some points of negativity I do understand, knowing how many occupations automation has taken and will continue to take is tragic. In my opinion technology is a source of infinite things, almost too hard to believe, and extremely hard to understand. It will only advance as time continues and who knows the possibilities that it will create in the future. Whether it destroys us, or advances us, it truly is an amazing thing.

Throughout all of the studies, ups and downs, and hardships, technology is truly unfathomable. The things it can/will do has no limit. The things we gain from technology could be as little as a kid playing on a phone, to the discovery of an inhabitable planet. It also has the possibility of getting into the wrong hands and destroying us all. Through all of the ups and downs there is no doubt technology is extraordinary.          

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