The Effects that Make This Generation the Dumbest

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Many members of recent generations have many abilities to create and “[explore] new internets, [tinker] and [mess] around with new forms of media, [and]¨ (Mizuko Ito Et Al), enhance technological advances with ¨self-directed¨ goals, but even though younger generations have pushed the envelope to invent techniques to simplify theses processes, more people are accessible to many things, and newer generations want immediate satisfaction. People depend on technology, and don’t know how to do everyday life tasks and lack ¨knowledge and skills¨ (Mark Bauerlein). One main obstacle this modern generation lasks is the respect towards human dignity. People aren’t treated the same, and people are not tolerant of differences. This Generation has forgotten many of its ethics and morals. Many people say that recent generations are ignorant. People under the age of thirty are the dumbest generation. Even though, newer generations are very skilled with the uses of technology, many younger people of this recent generation has lacked morals and respect towards other generations.

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Through exploration of modern age media, youths can be independent and have high ambitions to enhance technology. This generation is not the dumbest generation because people learn new things and invent new technologies in the world. Youths under the age of thirty are smart when it comes to technological advances which are designed to make lives easier. Many youths have the ability to create, navigate, “[explore] new internets, [tinker] and [mess] around with new forms of media” (Mizuko Ito Et Al ). Younger generations have pushed their limits to invent techniques to simplify daily problems, which could be considered a non-dumb action. Many elders of older generations misunderstand that “instant messaging, texting,Ipods, video games, and all things online [can] impair [ones] thinking abiliti[es]” (Sharon Begley). The Generations of today have deeply adapted to the digital world. Many youths have the “specialized knowledge” [to] “geek out” and dive into a topic or talent” (Mizuko Ito Et Al ). Modern media allows people to have “a degree of freedom” (Mizuko Ito Et Al) to create many new inventions with the great imagination and creativity. Through the exploration of modern age media, people under the age of thirty can be more “self-directed” and be more “oriented toward set, [and have] predefined goals”, to further enhance the future of technology.

Videogames and other technologies can help enhance and challenge one’s mental dexterity. Recent Generations have created my sorts of technologies the most popular: video-games. Video games newer generations play aren’t just about “improving hand-eye coordination and firing virtual weapons”(Steven Johnson). The most popular complex video games have “challenge[d] [one’s] manual dexterity [and they have] challenge[d] mental dexterity” (Steven Johnson). Violent video games help one think out of the box when in any unpredictable situation. Electronic games can help a “player navigate and master, [pick] up clues and [detect] patterns”(Steven Johnson). Video games and other sorts of medias give newer generations “the ability of “manipulating” imagined objects, of goal-directed planning, and, ultimately, of conscious thinking.”(Ritter, Helge). Videogames supplement and challenge one’s mental comprehension. Newer generations have a sharpness of mind, skill in thinking creatively and understanding and expressing something very quickly and very easily in technological advances. Most video game players have many abilities to produce and manage brilliant inventions with their own imagination and ideas. In “the text walk-through for Grand Theft Auto a document [exposes] all the variables involved in playing the game, [it is about] 53,000 words long, the length of a short novel”. (Steven Johnson). Video games and electronical components maximize and construct “[ones] complexity and [can improve] players skills” (Steven Johnson), because many participants use most of their day and practice their mental abilities and rather “eschew reading manuals or walk throughs,” preferring to feel their [own] way through the game space”(Steven Johnson). Many adolescents take control of their own knowledge by being laboriously involved in their plans and consolidating their talents. Electronic games have improved and have increased one’s multitasking skills, thinking abilities, focus, and thoroughly decision making in new bold directions.  

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