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The Efficacy Of Removing/Reducing Canadida Albicans From Dentures

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The purpose of this journal article is to determine the efficacy of removing/reducing Canadida albicans from dentures by comparing the combination denture cleaning method (brushing and immersion in water with a cleaning tablet overnight) and the mechanical denture cleaning method (brushing and immersion in tap water overnight).

There is a large population of people who wear dentures every day. Whether it be a partial or a full mouth denture cleanliness of the denture is an important factor in overall oral health. Denture stomatitis is caused by the bacteria Canadida albicans. Inflammation of the oral cavity is the result of poor oral hygiene in those with dentures. There are a variety of different disinfecting methods to reduce/remove the C. albican bacteria. There are mechanical methods and combination methods to clean dentures. This article focuses on which method is more effective at removing/reducing the C. albican bacteria.

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Three studies were consulted to complete this journal review adequately. The studies range from 2011-2018 and were selected due to the parameters that were set to complete this journal review. Parameters included journal articles that include and/or discuss the comparison of mechanical denture cleaning methods versus combination denture cleaning method. Many articles were consulted but were rejected due to being older than 5 years old.

The results in all three journals appear in a logical sequence.

All three journal articles support the thesis stated in the introduction and the statistical data. Each journal came to the conclusion that brushing and immersion in water with a cleansing tablet was the most effective way in reducing/removing C. albicans from the dentures. After assessing all of the statistical data from each journal it is clear that a combination of brushing and immersion in water with a cleansing tablet is the most effective way in removing C. albicans from dentures. The researcher’s contribution is highly relevant in the field of dental hygiene. Hygienists always keep up with the most current and effective ways of conducting oral hygiene. Having three separate journal articles coming to the same conclusion give hygienist a clear understanding of what denture cleaning method is the most effect. Hygienist can now confidently tell their clients that the combination method (brushing and immersion with a cleansing tablet overnight) is the most effective way to clean their dentures every day.


A combination of mechanical and chemical denture cleaning method is more effective. Our results indicate that brushing, soaking in a commercial cleansing solution, or a combination of these method can significantly reduce the adherence of C. albicans to denture-based material.

In conclusion, this study rejects the hypothesis that the use of an effervescent tablet for denture overnight storage has no additional effect on denture plaque mass and composition in case of mechanical denture cleaning. In contrast, a decrease of total bacterial load and of specific bacteria was observed when the dentures were stored in water with an effervescent tablet.

All three journals related logically to my thesis stated in the introduction. Each study came to the conclusion that brushing the dentures then immersing in water with a cleansing tablet overnight is the most effective way at removing/reducing C. albicans from the dentures.


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