The Emotional Trail of Our Grandparents

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From all corners of the world, there are always some favorites. It does not matter how much you move, how much you travel or where you are, there is never a bad time to return. You know exactly which people you are at home with. They smell of love and unconditional acceptance. They smell of affection, after long hugs, when your eyes close and a smile spreads on your face. That's why the people you're home with are also the best mirror to look at every day: they always reflect the most authentic and authentic version of yourself. The most beautiful. They are the light at the end of the tunnel, the support on the way, the shoulder to dry your tears.

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Grandparents are usually people who make you feel at home. Unique, familiar and unforgettable. Whether they are still in this world or not, they symbolize this place to which we can always return and cuddle up, even if it is only in our memories. The grandchildren and grandparents embody the unity of generations, the paper wrapped in a candy, complacent looks, a tolerant and understanding game that we enjoy in all stages of life.

They are usually in pleasant memory and symbolize goodwill, love and tenderness. Unexpected stories, white hair in the wind, shining eyes, walks on the warm hand, running over dry leaves, watching the rain showers on a cold winter afternoon with a hot cup of cocoa in hand... familiarity, games and the knowledge that love is unique and can be extraordinary - all this can be transmitted to grandparents. Your emotional legacy. New clothes, toys, sweets, secret pocket money, shared secrets, fulfilled wishes, fireflies on a summer night, wet straw on a stormy afternoon.... The quiet steps and the strong hands of the grandparents preserve the essence of irreplaceable moments and the values learned with them.

Hot chestnuts and freshly baked bread on cold winter days - this reflects attention, devotion and love. Hugs that relieve pain after a fall or soul suffering, respect and unconditionedness that are conveyed daily by every act. Also frowns and severe looks are part of this life school. The deepening of the roots. Imagine, life would be like playing catch? The grandparents are... the resting point.

Grandparents' greatest gift is the roots and wings of flying. The foundation should always be present, the roots give us support. The relationship with grandparents is usually unique, they have great influence and exude confidence, like no one else in life. We will always remember them for their depth, authenticity and exceptionally.

They symbolize a place where we learned more values, though there were fewer rules, where we were taught with calmness and maturity, where we felt the fruit of their contentment, where we learned with patience and peace. We were comrades with a common goal: to enjoy the time together as if there was no tomorrow. In addition, we shared the same enemies: the relentlessness of some parents who want to avoid spoiling their children too much. That is what will remain in our memory and in our hearts for today and forever.

It is one of the most beautiful and enriching experiences, a magic in which the age does not matter, where we become aware of the transience of life and only the tender memory remains. Our grandparents, our heroes of the past. 'The essential is indefinable. How is the color yellow, the love, the home, the taste of coffee defined? How is a person defined that we like? It is not possible.' JL Borges.

They are the feathers of our wings. They are the heroes of the past who determine our present, they shook hands with us and healed our wounds, they protected us and at the same time let us go to learn for ourselves. Even if they are no longer there, they give us warmth and closeness, happy moments in our memory. They are our home, the patch on our emotional wounds, the healing and reassuring voice that relieved unbearable moments. Whether near or far, hug your grandparents, listen to them and stay true to your roots. The voice of experience is worth it. They have made your childhood different, unique. Most of us have had the privilege of meeting and spending time with grandparents, learning values, tenderness and respect. Do not forget to keep it alive in your heart. And if you are grandfather or grandmother today, give love and tenderness to your grandchildren so that they will remember you with a smiling heart.

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